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Howto upgrade the rom.

NOTE! Make sure to flash the SL-5500 with the SL-5500 ROM and not the SL-5000D ROM.
NOTE! Make sure to flash the SL-5000D with the SL-5000D ROM and not the SL-5500 ROM.
i.e. Only flash your Zaurus with the ROM that goes to that model of the device. The ROMs _are_ different.

1) Getting the FlashROM Version

Checking the FlashROM Version
Following is the sequences to check the FlashROM version on the Zaurus:
  1. Turn on the Zaurus

  2. From "Applications" Tab, tap "System Info" icon and invoke the application.

  3. When "System Info" application is invoked, tap "Version" tab.

  4. On "Linux Kernel" section, you will find the FlashROM version, shown as:
    ROM Version: X.XX

2) Installing a new ROM

The FlashROM update MUST BE EXECUTED BY FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTION GIVEN BELOW. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXECUTE update on ANY OTHER UNITS than the applicable unit described herein, and/or DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXECUTE update by ANY OTHER PROCESS than the process described.

You must acknowledge that any other update process than descrived below, or use of the file(s) in this update archive to other device than described, may cause conflict, fault, or damage affecting the unit.

SHARP strongly recommends that you keep separate permanent written records of all important data already saved on the Zaurus before you attempt to update the FlashROM image. Data may be lost or altered in virtually any electronic memory product under certain circumstances.

SHARP ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY to any conflict, fault, or damage affecting the unit caused by any other update attempt not following the process given below, and SHARP's warranty shall not cover such damages.

FlashROM Update Sequence
Following is the sequences to update the FlashROM to the latest FlashROM image. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION BELOW STEP BY STEP.

  1. For the FlashROM update, CF memory card (32MB or more) is used. You must prepare a CF card in order to update the FlashROM. The CF card must be formated by FAT16, or must not be re-formatted from the default format (since purchased.)

    SHARP recommends that you make sure the prepared CF card is correctly recognized by the Zaurus before you atempt to update the FlashROM.
    In order to confirm;
    • insert the CF card,
    • invoke "File Manager" application,
    • change the directory to /var/mnt/cf/
      (After invoking "File Manager", tap "upper arrow" icon twice to change directory to /root/, and then tap respective directory icon.)
      If you see "NotAvailable", the CF card cannot be used.

  2. Make sure to take back-up of important data onto your PC by using PC synchronize software before you start FlashROM update.
    NOTE THAT THE ROMIMAGE VERSION 1.10/1.11 WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE UPDATED VERSION OF USB MCCI DRIVER AND SYNC SOFTWARE ( Intellisync for SL or Qtopia Desktop ). Please refer to the readme file that comes in the updated SYNC software archive for how to update the software and how to back up your data.
    Data will be lost or altered during the update process.

  3. Once you take back-up of all important data from the Zaurus, turn off the Zaurus.

  4. In order to extract the downloaded archive on your PC, create a folder, (such as c:\tmp), copy the downloaded archive, and simply execute.
    Once executed, you will find "romimage" file. Copy the "romimage" file to the root directory of the CF Card.
    Make sure to remove all other files from the root directory of the CF card.

  5. Insert the CF Card to Zaurus properly if not already done so.

  6. Make sure that AC adapter is connected to the Zaurus, and is actually power supplied.

    MAKE SURE TO USE AC ADAPTER TO UPDATE THE FLASHROM. WHEN CONNECTED, THE ORANGE LED ON THE DEVICE WILL TURN ON. Note that If the AC adapter is not used, the device will not perform as expected in the following instruction.

    Note that the AC adaptor that plugs into the cradle can also plugin to the bottom of the Zaurus and should be plugged in there when flashing.

  7. Open the battery compartment lid. Make sure you DO NOT take battery out.

  8. While pressing [C] and [D] keys, push "FULL RESET" button once. "FULL RESET" button is located on the lower right side of the battery compartment.

  9. When successfully pressed, the green LED (with "mail" symbol print) and orange LED (with "battery" symbol print) will turn on.
    When these LEDs are turned on, the update program starts.

    DO NOT ABORT, or UNPLUG AC ADAPTER WHILE LEDs ARE ON. Aborting or unplugging AC adapter during the update may cause fault, or damage affecting the Zaurus.

    If the orange LED did not turn on, while the green LED is on, the AC adapter may not be conected properly. If this status happens, WAIT TILL THE GREEN LED GOES OFF, and DO NOT push FULL RESET button while green LED is on. ABORTING the update by pushing FULL RESET button while green LED is on willcause a serious fault, or damage that affects the Zaurus.

  10. In approx. 3 minutes, the LEDs will turn off. When turned off, FlashROM update program is now completed.

  11. Pull out the CF card, and push "FULL RESET" button.

  12. Close the battery compartment lid, and slide the battery replacement switch to "NORMAL OPERATION".

  13. Press On/Off button to power on the Zaurus. The updated system now starts.

3) Trouble Shooting
The orange LED will trun on, but the green LED will not, even pressed RESET button while pressing [C] and [D] key.

CASE 1: OS will boot, and LED will not turn on.
Make sure to only press [C] and [D] key when you press FULL RESET button. Update program will not be invoked if the other keys are pressed.

CASE 2: OS will not boot, yet LED will not turn on.
Make sure the CF card is inserted properly. Remove the battery, and leave the device for a several minutes. After leaving device, re-insert the battery and the CF card properly, and try the update process again.

No lights, no power, nothing.

Try removing the battery for 5 minutes and then reseting the device.

Nothing else works and my Zaurus wont turn on.

Try this: (Of course at this point there is no guarantees.)
1. Hard reset (holding down the reset button for a good 10 seconds)
2. Removing the battery for 24 hrs. (This should let the z internal battery drain out)
3. Reflashing with a lower ROM (Such as 1.02 to start.)
4. Flashing back up to the one you want.


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