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Handgun Drills, Standards, and Training Page

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This is a compilation of handgun drills, standards, and training ideas. It is not meant to be comprehensive, just a useful resource.

  • Introduction
    Notes on the Drills / Cover / Target Systems

  • Dry Fire
    Safety / Draw / Reload / Target Transitions / Visualization

  • Live-fire Drills
    Benchrest / Groups / Bullseyes / Dummy Round / Sensory Deprivation / Blinking / Trigger Slap / Eyes Open / Low Ready / Misc Tricks / Consecutive Pairs / Accelerated Pairs / Reactive Targets / Failure Drill/ Reloads / Malfunctions / Simple IPSC Drill / Bill Drill / Tueller Drill / Wounded Shooter / Stressfire

  • Handgun Standards
    Bullseye / El Presidente / Farnam Drill / LFI Standards / Gunsite Standards / InSights Standards / FBI Pistol Qualification Course / IDPA Classifier / Federal Air Marshal Qualification / ASAA Combat Master Qualification

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