Unofficial Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 FAQ

Table of Contents


  1. How do I get a Shell prompt on this thing?

  2. What does 'Flashing the Zaurus' mean?

  3. How do I tell what ROM I have right now?

  4. How do you flash the Zaurus?

  5. What ROMimages work with what Zauruses?

  6. Do I NEED a CF card to flash the Zaurus?

  7. What kernel is it running?

  8. Why does the system info. show 100% CPU usage?

  9. Does memory work like on PalmOS?

  10. Where's all the memory the Zaurus is supposed to have? (Shouldn't it total to 64MB?)

  11. Why do I keep running out of memory?

  12. Can I adjust the ratio of memory to storage?

  13. What's the root password?

  14. How do I tell how long my Zaurus has been running?

  15. Are any Linux-style logs stored on the Zaurus?

  16. What shell does/can the Zaurus use?

  17. Can I use AT or CRON to wake the Zaurus up?

  18. How can I enable/disable servers and daemons?

Compiled by Bill Kendrick,

(Note: If you have a Zaurus question that's not answered here, please post it to the Zaurus-General or Zaurus-Chatter mailing list.)