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Oct. 31st

The Cure - "live" in concert from Irving Plaza, New York on ITV.Net

Friday October 31st, 1997 - 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET / 3:30am GT (Nov.1, 97)

After months of speculation and anticipation, The Cure recently announced a series of small club dates to coincide with the release of their latest effort, "Galore: The Singles 1987 - 1997". Halloween night finds them in the heart of New York City, playing a sold-out show at the Irving Plaza.

Nearly 20 years into their strange musical ride, The Cure are releasing "Galore", a compilation of their best songs from the last decade. The Halloween show is a special night, not only for ghouls & ghosts, but because this is The Cure's first US club show in a decade. ITV.Net will be in New York to bring viewers the concert live across the Internet.

As long as you have the Microsoft NetShow player, you'll be able to see this very special concert. The Cure is expected to perform some of their greatest songs, from "10:15 Saturday Night" to "Fascination Street" to "Wrong Number", the new track on "Galore". You won't want to miss one moment of this show!

So come to ITV.Net ( on Halloween, download & install the NetShow player, go to the "GO LIVE!" area, launch the NetShow, sit back and enjoy the concert.

  • Here's the Boston ticket info (Thanks Sarah) :
  • " I just listened to wbcn and they said tickets go on sale at 8 pm next thursday from this number: 536-8000. I'm guessing it's NEXT ticketing."

  • The 120 Minutes appearance scheduled for this Sunday has been pushed back to Nov. 9th. (Thanks Alfonso)

  • From Reuters news service :
  • Friday October 31 3:59 PM EST

    FEATURE: The Cure Takes Stocks Of 'Galore'ious Past

    By Gary Graff

    DETROIT (Reuters) - Sitting in the garden of his home in Sussex, south of London, Robert Smith of the Cure considers his life a success.

    "I have a home," he notes of the bucolic, green surroundings. "I don't need to be famous. I enjoy myself in a lot of other ways."

    Among those is spending time with his 21 nephews and nieces, aged 1 to 21 -- "from knowing nothing to thinking they know everything," as Smith puts it in a recent telephone interview.

    "I really enjoy being their kind of slightly deranged uncle," Smith, who's married but has no children of his own, says with obvious glee. "I'm experiencing things I'd probably be missing out on ... taking them to the pictures or the theater or just going for walks.

    "In some ways, it's very banal. It's what everyone else does, really, but something I haven't done before now because I've been doing other things."

    Chief among those is fronting a massively successful pop band whose songs are made instantly recognizable by Smith's keen vocal delivery.

    The Cure's accomplishments -- including five consecutive million-selling albums between 1986 and 1992 -- is the celebrated subject of the new album and video collection "Galore -- The Singles 1987-1997," which salutes the group's rise from cult favorite to mass-market sensation.

    "Galore" treats just one side of the Cure, however -- the upbeat, sprightly aspect that's high on melody and singalong potential. In these songs, Smith sings about romantic encounters that are "Just Like Heaven" and exhorts the Cure's listeners "let's get happy!"

    It's a counterpoint to the other face of the Cure, a dark, gloomy and neo-gothic approach that's prone to long, angst-ridden songs and a melancholy ambience that's earned the British band a reputation as downcast and somber.

    Cure fans embrace both aspects of the band, but Smith acknowledges that the material on "Galore" fills a certain purpose for his group.

    "We've used (the singles), along with the videos, to draw in people who might otherwise feel that the Cure is too difficult on some levels," explains Smith, 38, who formed the band in 1977 and has embodied its dark image with and Edward Scissorhands-like appearance that featured teased hair and heavy eye makeup.

    "They have portrayed a kind of light side of the band ... I always wanted the group to reflect how I felt about things, and occasionally I like a good burst of foolishness.

    "But I think we've got a kind of unfair reputation ... of being kind of difficult and heavy. I think what we do is very accessible, generally. I think that most of the music that we've done has been based around melody, so therefore it isn't that difficult to get into."

    Besides bringing the band its greatest commercial successes, Smith feels that the 10 years showcased on "Galore" were an artistic high point. He considers three of the albums made during that period -- "Disintegration" in 1989, "Wish" in 1992 and "Wild Mood Swings" in 1996 -- to be the Cure's best.

    And while "Disintegration" is a heavy, thematic work prompted by Smith's turning 30, the other two are markedly lighter.

    "After Disintegration,' I wanted the group to be more friendly," he says. "I just wanted it to be easier. I wanted to enjoy the process much more rather than for it to be so abrasive and so much of a trial. The albums that have grown out of that, 'Wish' and 'Wild Mood Swings,' have been infinitely more fun to to make but possibly lacked some of the emotional weight.

    "But if it's not there, I can't just create it. I've never been a songwriter who experiences things purely so I can write about them. I think that's absurd."

    "Wild Mood Swings," in fact, was something of a disappointment for the Cure, failing to sell a million copies in the United States and not launching the same number of hits that jumped off previous albums.

    Smith is nonchalant, however. He chalks it up to taking four years between albums and to shifting public tastes that he doesn't feel responsible for controlling.

    "I do think people in America think we're a bit weird, to be honest," he says. "Although we've done pretty well, we've never been accepted as part of the mainstream. The mainstream changed over the years ... and accommodates us much easier now. And I think it's changed for the better in a lot of ways.

    "But there's still something about us which people feel slightly uncomfortable with. Which I like, really, though I don't necessarily encourage it."

    The Cure plans to give "Galore" a heavy promotional push through the end of the year, including media blitzes of Los Angeles and New York, and a return in late November to play a batch of radio station-sponsored holiday concerts.

    But Smith is anxious to continue working on the Cure's next album. The lone new song on "Galore," "Wrong Number," was plucked from those sessions, and Smith says the song -- which was recorded not by the band but by Smith with guest guitarist Reeves Gabrels from David Bowie's band -- is indicative of where he's heading with his new music.

    "It was very kind of rock about two or three months ago, and it's taken quite a change in direction over the last two months and become very kind of ethereal," he says. "It's very fluid. It doesn't have verse-chorus as much. It's very atmospheric and quite cerebral, just trying to use different combinations of sounds and loops and those kinds of things."

    Smith says the Cure is still a band, and that the other musicians will be part of the recording process in due course. But with "Galore" recapping the group's last 10 years, Smith is intent on taking time to find a fresh direction for the band's next era.

    "I don't want to play music that I've already heard," he says. "That's totally pointless. Ninety percent of what I write I discard because I think, 'All right, I've nicked that from somewhere.' It's only the stuff that I think, 'OK, that's different' -- that's the stuff I keep."


  • From the VH-1 website :
  • Cops Have Cure for Crowds

    A mini-melee developed in Los Angeles when the Cure treated their fans to a midnight in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard.

    The band autographed copies of their greatest-hits collection Galore, which was released that day. All was going smoothly until, as a police official told Los Angeles's City News Service, "A few fans tried to rush the doors." Forty-five minutes after the event began, 25 police officers, decked out in riot gear, were dispatched to disperse the crowd.

    No arrests were made, but plenty of heavily coifed hairdos were ruined in the process.

  • A couple of reminders:
  • Ticket info for the Dec. 2nd WBCN Christmas Rave show in Boston will be announced today at 4pm on WBCN.

    Tickets for the Dec. 9th KNRK SnowBall show in Portland are on sale today. Purchase tickets online. Tickets are $25.

    The Cure will be on WXRK in New York at 3 pm today,and WXRK will also be broadcasting live from the Tower Records signing from 7 - 9 pm tonight.

    The Cure play Irving Plaza in New York tonight at Approx. 10:30 eastern / 7:30 pacific. The show will be broadcast over many radio stations here in the US and also over the internet at Rocktropolis and ITV.Net

    Tickets for the Nov. 29th Y100 Christmas show in Philadelphia go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 am. Tickets are $26.

  • Here's an article from the Press Telegram (Thanks Carol) :
  • Although lead singer Robert Smith is in Los Angeles this week to promote the Cure's second compilation CD, "Galore," his mind is plainly fixated on the band's future. He's temporatily put aside his work for the band's next album - due out in the spring - to perform only two U.S. club shows before heading back to England with the rest of the band - drummer Jason Cooper, keyboardist Roger O'Donnell, bassist Simon Gallup and guitarist Perry Bamonte. In addition to their performances tonight at the Hollywood American Legion Hall (tickets go on sale today at the Pantages Theatre box office) and Friday in New York, they'll also make their debut on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday. "Galore" features the band's best singles from the past 10 years (including "Why Can't I Be You", "Hot,Hot,Hot," "Friday I'm In Love," "Mint Car,") as well as their newest single, "Wrong Number." But is Smith, whose moody, alternative songs about love and love lost, itching to get back to finish the album and be with his wife? He talked to the Press-Telegram Monday afternoon before his scheduled midnight appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood to unveil and autograph copies of "Galore."

    PT- Is there a theme among the 18 songs you chose to put on "Galore"?

    RS- It was really just to pick up form where "Standing On The Beach" finished up, which is our first singles collection. That ran from '78 to '87. So "Galore" is just all the A sides from the last 10 years in chronological order.

    PT- Do you have a favorite?

    RS- A couple of weeks ago, I listened to it a secound time after a few beers and I was surprised actually that the songs that I thought would be my favorites weren't. I think the best single on there is "Mint Car" (off "Wild Mood Swings") and it's probably one of the least commercially successful.

    PT-What kind of memories does that song conjure?

    RS-It's partly to do with that there was such a good atmosphere when we were making "Wild Mood Swings." We lived together in a big house for a year. It was a great experience. We had this strange criticism when it came out that I couldn't possibly be that happy. Last summer I had two months of incredible enthusiasm for life. And "Mint Car" sums up that period for me.

    PT-Is having enthusiasm for life rare for you?

    RS-Not really. It's rare that I ever write a song when I'm in that frame of mind. And usually most of what I do is introspective, which is usually a little bit more low-key.

    PT-What was it like living in a house with your band mates?

    RS-I wouldn't do it again.

    PT-Why not?

    RS-Because they're too scruffy and messy.

    PT-So did you find yourself cleaning up after the others?

    RS- Yeah. They'd take advantage of me. I get very obsessive about things. But they knew when they'd put things in the wrong place, I would get really tense about it until I had to clear up.

    PT-Did Halloween have anything to do with the compilation record being released this week?

    RS-I suppose , sort of. The original release date was about one month ago. But the record company was kind of messing about - for various dumb reasons- until finally they said it needed bo be released before November. I guess someone's head at Elektra went "Ding! It's Halloween week!" It's kind of cheesy, I suppose.

    PT-Are your planning on dressing up this year for the show in New York?

    RS-I don't know. I actually bought a lime green shirt for the video I'm very tempted to wear.

    PT-A riot practically broke out in New York last week after tickets for your show there sold out. Are you worried that something similar may happen here?

    RS-Yeah, we're worried about it. But it's difficult because I don't want to get involved with putting on a big production. My mind is on doing the new record. This is kind of like a mini break. The last time I did this was 10 years ago for "Standing On The Beach" and I spent like 10 days going completely insane on my own just doing interviews for TV, radio...and I just really lost it. So this is like a club thing that I'm determined to enjoy on a really basic level. We've got a light show that costs $500. It's a refreshing change.

    PT-How far along are you on the album you're working on?

    RS-I'm aiming to get 12 songs done by Christmas and we've got about six that are really good.

    PT-Does it have a new sound?

    RS-Yeah. It's kind of like "Wrong Number". It's almost like we're making two albums. The group of recordings of the live band has a kind of rocky sound. Then what I'm doing is taking the songs and using loops and remixing. I'm using their performances, but sampling bits and kind of like deconstructing and remaking.

    PT-The Cure's music has always been avant-garde. What do you do to keep that cutting edge quality?

    RS-I have no idea. In England that's perceived as being out of touch. Up to this point, if I can spot what we've been listening to in what we do I think there's something wrong with it. It always makes me laugh to think that you have to make music that's comtemporary. And contemporary is defined by a group of people who write for magazines kind of dictating what's in and what's out. Something that's hip in London may not be hip in Tokyo or in Dallas. I've always thought of the Cure as a group that can play anywhere in the world. If I wake up in the morning and hear something in my head, then that's what we should be doing and we just do it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

  • Here's an article from the KNDD website (Thanks Julia) :
  • "The Cure will live on past 1999! Robert Smith's taken back his statement that he would end The Cure when he turns 40. Smith explained he hadn't really anticipated the amount of media coverage his initial statement would get, "It's the sort of thing that constantly gets repeated, I'm already sick of it. I wish I hadn't said it, but it's my fault." Smith says he thought about it all last week & decided that even though he plans to do film scoring & other stuff when he's 40, there's no reason he can't do it with The Cure still together."

    also, concert announcement for the Deck the Hall Ball to be announced at 7:15am on Monday.

  • Here's a review of Galore from N.M.E. :
  • THE CURE Galore ­ The Singles 1987-1997 (Fiction/All formats)

    IN AN UNGUARDED MOMENT, MICK JAGGER ONCE admitted that there came a point in the mid-'70s ­ once the Stones had made 'Exile On Main Street', gone to Number One across the globe and made another few million touring the States ­ when it felt like they'd achieved everything they wanted. From then on, he said, they didn't have to try very hard, and subsequent albums were never that special.

    It's hard to resist the conclusion that the same has happened to The Cure. 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me', 1987's double album, was a creative and commercial peak, an eclectic, elastic-limbed tour de force that exemplified Robert Smith's talent for writing loopy, fruity and strangely funky pop songs and dark, dizzy maelstroms of angst back-to-back, and jumping clumsily but stylishly across all points in between.

    The four singles from that album open this compilation, making at least a quarter of it an enjoyable experience. 'Why Can't I Be You' and 'Just Like Heaven' were the sort of pop music guitar bands still weren't sure they were allowed to make ten years ago, while 'Catch' was unashamedly drippy, and 'Hot Hot Hot!!!' a marvellously malevolent groove.

    You could tell that old Bob was getting set in his ways, though. Those pneumatically huge trainers, tight, black, indie-regulation jeans, and floppy Jim Kerr shirt were permanently welded to his body, it seemed. The smeared lipstick and bird's nest hair may have been somewhat outré back in the mid-'80s, but once it was copied by Jo Brand he really should have taken the hint and moved on.

    Instead, he stayed in bed, which is where we found him in 1989 with 'Lullaby', a song about being eaten by a spider. Good attitude and that, but the first suspicions that the button marked 'goth-pop autopilot' had been pressed were already being raised by the album 'Disintegration'. Nevertheless, 'Fascination Street' was pleasingly brooding and unnerving, and 'Lovesong' was pleasant enough.

    It's the next few singles that mark the decline of a great group. 'Never Enough' and 'High' would barely have scraped on to B-sides earlier in their career. Meanwhile, more songs about strawberry girls and bad dreams pleased the loyal sixth-form fanbase but no-one else. At which point, the rerelease of 'Close To Me' ('90s remix, natch) seemed a tad desperate.

    The second half of this compilation (on which 'High' is included) has only one tune. That is 'Friday I'm In Love', a classic Cure pop song like the old Bob used to make. The rest is, frankly, a pale imitation of former glories. 'Letter To Elise' is turgid, moany mediocrity, while 'Strange Attraction' and 'Gone' try to be vaguely spicy and strange-sounding in a 'Kiss Me...' stylee, but comprehensively fail to engage on any level.

    The nadir, however, is 'Mint Car', which sounds like someone parodying a Cure song; deliciously-piciously-lusciously piffling, and all that crap. "Never guessed it got this good/Wondered if it ever would/ Really didn't think it could/Do it all the time/I know that we should." Surely this is a cry for help?

    Not that Cure fans will care; they'll just hold firm for more of the same. But considering this is a group that came out of punk, and has always professed to be an alternative to the MOR aristocracy, it might be time for them to have a long, hard look at themselves.

    First five years 7/10, the second 3/10.

    Johnny Cigarettes

  • Add another station that will broadcast the show tonight (Thanks Anita):
  • "For all of you in the Los Angeles area who can get KROQ, 106.7, they will be broadcasting the New York show at 10 PM!!!"

    Oct. 30th

  • Here's part 3 of Allstar's interview with Robert :
  • The Cure Plan To Self-Release Three-CD B-Sides Set

    Part Three Of A Three-Part Interview

    When the Cure's worldwide recording contracts are up after the release of their next studio album, singer Robert Smith wants to take advantage of the situation and do a little something for his fans. He plans to release a three-CD B-sides, rarities, and studio outtakes collection -- with multimedia -- without a record label.

    "It's entirely fan- based," says Smith. "It won't be promoted or anything. I'm not even sure if it will be commercially released. It certainly won't be through Elektra and PolyGram... If we do resign with someone, I want do this when we're out of contract, probably through our Web site [] or a one-off deal with a distributor, so we can sell it at a very minimal price without a record company who has to take a slice of their own."

    Here's what Smith has in store for the collection: Disc One and half of Disc Two will feature every B-side every recorded -- there's approximately 37, according to Smith, some of which have never been released on CD before. The second half of Disc Two will include different versions of previously released songs and some hard to find recordings, such as the band's cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze," says Smith.

    Disc Three is "the weird stuff," says Smith. "Studio outtakes, where you hear us talking. There are tapes of us making Pornography and the mike's on [in the room] where we're just talking. We'll start a song, then it completely falls apart and you'll hear 'It was your fault.' 'No, no...' There's an excellent bit in one of them where all three of us actually start playing a different song. The lack of communication between three people in a very small room is so apparent."

    One reason for wanting to release such a collection without the aid of a major label is, as Smith said, so the fans can get it cheap. However, to hear Smith talk about his situation with his record labels, the other reason is apparently his frustration with the music industry.

    "Elektra has been really helpful with Galore. They've gone out of their way to make us feel wanted and are genuinely enthusiastic about the next studio album, which is how it should be," says Smith. "But for the last album, they weren't -- no one was. It's that indifference -- thinking, 'Well, they'll sell a couple million records and we don't have to do anything.' They don't know why we're popular or why we're successful, so they just let us get on with it. It hasn't worked against us and sometimes it works for us, the fact that they don't have a clue about why we do what we do or how we do it. And we owe them a certain amount of money and it goes in their budget on fucking idiot bands that are never going to go out and sell a record in their lives. Because we're older and unfashionable, there isn't anyone who will go out on a limb for us.

    "We're on our 11th or 12th studio album, so we must be doing something right," continues Smith. "But it's kind of a patronizing attitude that's upset me so much that I'm kind of thinking the Internet is there. If I'm going to be out of contract, and I'm sitting at home writing songs into my computer and it's in the digital domain anyway, I can upload it and download to anyone who wants it for a minimal price because I've made enough money. I can make music accessible to people who want it within an hour of finishing it, doing it from home and reaching more people, [rather] than going through the whole fucking eight- week lead time for artwork and stuff."

    That said, when asked if he'll never sign with a record label again, Smith laughs, "I can't say that, can I? 'Cause otherwise Elektra will get really unhappy."

  • New info on the Seattle show (Thanks Todd) :
  • "Just thought you might like to know that ticket info for "the deck the hall ball" will be announced on kndd 107.7 on monday november 3 sometime between 7 and 8 am. "

  • Here's the latest U.S. chart info for Wrong Number from the Nov. 8th,1997 issue of Billboard:
  • Modern Rock Tracks chart: up 3 spots to #9 with a bullet (4th week)

    Rock Big Picture chart: up 4 spots to #15 with a bullet (4th week)

    Hot 100 Airplay chart : up 4 spots to #65 with a bullet (3rd week)

  • Posted to Babble by M :
  • "at about 3:15pm krock in nyc broadcast a commercial proclaiming that lifebeat (charitable organization supporting AIDS) will be giving away 8 tix to friday nite's show. $130 each, limit 2, proceeds to Lifebeat. i would guess you should contact them directly. at least the money will go to charity"

  • Got this in the mail from Anna :
  • "Thought you might like to know that the radio station here in Washington DC WHFS 99.1 is going to broadcast the Cure's Halloween show at Irving Plaza starting at 10:30."

  • And this is from Fran :
  • "102.1 the edge is broadcasting the concert and interviewing the cure at 2:30 am and repeating it at 7:30 pm on saturday"

  • You can add Live 105 in San Francisco to the list of stations broadcasting the Halloween show (Thanks Chloe).

  • Here's something for New York fans as posted to Babble by Carol :
  • "The Cure will be on K-Rock in NYC Friday at 3PM...They will be in the studio performing and whatever..."

  • And this was posted to Babble by Michael :
  • "I guess Kevin and Bean were on the elevator at Kroq with Roger O'Donnell of the cure and Roger's assistant said Marylin Manson is down stairs and they want to meet you and the rest of the guys, and Roger said I dont want to meet those fucking idiots! when they got downstairs he walked off the elevator right past them and out the door!"

  • Chuck sent this to me yesterday :
  • "Just thought I'd pass along that Reeves Gabriels won't be appearing at the 10-31 show in NY. Bowie is scheduled to play Brazil that night. Just thought maybe some New Yorkers might be expecting to see him there. Oh, well. "

  • Here's a couple of new articles that Ruba sent to Babble:
  • from the World Entertainment News online service:

    Cure Singer Smith Loves to Clean

    Gothic rocker Robert Smith of the Cure has a weird secret - he loves to clean.

    Smith, who is currently in California to promote the band's compilation album Galore, has revealed his bandmates are too messy for his to consider sharing a house with them again.

    And the Boys Don't Cry star reckons missing out on a university education meant he never picked up bad habits.

    He says, "I wouldn't do it again because they're too scruffy and messy.

    "I didn't go to college. I left school and ended up doing this. So I've never had the experience of the student life.

    "I'm always cleaning up after the others. They'd take advantage of me. When we're doing something with the group, I get very obsessive about things.

    "But they know that when they're putting things in the wrong place I would get really tense about it until I had to kind of clear up."


    Rockers Find Cure to Fan Fever

    The Cure are introducing a quick remedy to recent wave of fan fever in America.

    The chart-topping rockers were stunned when thousands of people literally fought for a handful of tickets to two low-key club dates in New York and Los Angeles this week (beg.27Oct97).

    But after riot police were called to break up fan trouble at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood - where the British rock group were signing copies of thir new album retrospective Galore - midnight Tuesday (28Oct97), they have decided it was too dangerous to just make small public appearances.

    And so frontman Robert Smith agreed to let video cameras into last night's (28Oct97) gig at the Hollywood American Legion Hall to beam the show on the Internet to as many fans as possible.

    Cure spokeswoman Tanya Hurley explains, "The two club-hall dates were supposed to be for industry people but Robert insisted on letting a few hundred fans into each.

    "However, we didn't envisage the wild response and so both gigs will be put out on the Internet live."

    Friday's (31Oct97) concert at the cramped New York Irving Plaza venue will not only be on the superghighway, but 60 radio stations in America will carry the show live.

    (Note: I don't know where they got this story,but as far as I know,the L.A. show was NOT broadcast over the internet.)

    Riot poice Called in to Calm down cure fans

    Latest: Riot police were called in to control hordes of Cure fans at Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles last night (27Oct97).

    Thousands of followers crammed into the shop on Sunset Boulevard desperate to catch a glimpse of their heroes.

    The Close to Me hitmakers were in town to sign copies of their album to the delight of dedicated fanatics.

    But on the stroke of midnight the store became jam-packed with eager youngsters.

    Los Angeles Police Sergeant Glen Hees said, "About a dozen officers were called in to restore order.

    "Two thousand people were pushing and shoving, I don't think they had anticipated so many but they were all very cooperative."

    Police are keeping a close eye on developments when tickets go on sale for a gig in Hollywood tonight.

    Cure Tickets are like gold Dust for American Fans

    Cure fans in America are camping outside ticket agents in a bid to get into an exclusive gig in Hollywood tonight(28Oct97).

    Dedicated followers are preparing to shell out $56 each to catch a glimpse of their hero Robert Smith in action at the American Legion Hall.

    Fans are trying to make the most of the band's Stateside visit after Smith announced his plans to quit in 1999.

    The Close To Me hitmaker, famed for his spiky hair and smudged lipstick, doesn't want to be an ageing rocker in the next millennium - so he's giving it up to write film scores.

    Insiders say the show will include music from the group's new singles retrospective Galore plus some of their classic tunes.

    Fans can expect The Cure's Greatest Hits to be out on the shelves before the millennium.

  • And for those wondering what the top 20 Cure songs were on the Y107 countdown :
  • 20. Why Can't I Be You? / 19. Mint Car / 18. Disintegration / 17. Letter To Elise / 16. Jumping Someone Else's Train / 15. A Night Like This / 14. Killing An Arab / 13. Lullaby / 12. Let's Go To Bed / 11. Close To Me / 10. Primary / 9. Fascination Street / 8. In Between Days / 7. Friday I'm In Love / 6. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea / 5. Pictures Of You / 4. Lovecats / 3. Lovesong / 2. Boys Don't Cry / 1. Just Like Heaven

    Oct. 29th

  • The Cure performed Just Like Heaven on The Tonight Show to a very loud,pro-Cure audience.They also had a brief chat with Leno at the end of the show.

  • The 4th Christmas show has been announced: Dec. 2nd - Boston,Ma. (The Orpheum). Thanks to Ben for posting that to Descent.

  • Here's part 2 of Allstar's interview with Robert (Thanks Fran) :
  • The Cure's Robert Smith Plans Double Dance/Rock Album For Next Studio Offering

    Part Two Of A Three-Part Interview

    The Cure's Galore was only released a day ago, but singer Robert Smith already has some firm plans for the group's next two releases. First will come a new studio (and contract- fulfilling album) due out early next year on Elektra/ Fiction. Second will be a three-CD set of B-sides, rarities, and outtakes of the Cure to be released on the Internet, according to Smith. (Check out allstar on Thursday [Oct. 30] for details on this project in part three of our interview with Smith.)

    "There's so many different kinds of styles of stuff that we do, and I really want to make a record that sounds a particular way," says Smith of the next studio album. "I want the next album to have a very distinct sound and I want it to be a piece. We're doing two albums because the band is playing stuff that is very rocky -- like [new single] 'Wrong Number.' We do one song, the group plays it in the studio, then I take it home and sample stuff off it and mix it up with loops and other stuff. So each song has its counterpart -- like a dancey side to it.

    "What I would like to happen is to have a double CD where you have these 12 songs in a rock idiom and 12 in dance, but they're the same 12 songs," explains Smith further. "I shouldn't be giving this away, should I? It's such a good idea someone else could nick it -- do it before I get there."

    Smith says the "rock" songs will be "rock" in the same way as "Wrong Number," which features David Bowie's guitarist Reeves Gabrels. "I'll probably get people to work on one side of the project or the other... like getting a few guitarists like Reeves who can add something unlike anything [the Cure's] done as a group. Then on the other side, collaborate with someone who can sing or write and get more dancey producers and remix engineers."

    So who might these special guests be? "I can't tell you because it will all get disseminated, or they might say no," says Smith. "They are hard to get. I have four in mind -- guitarists and writers -- who I think are good. I'll probably send them a tape and ask if they want to do something, or I might [bring] Reeves in a room and physically collaborate"...I'd like to do something with [Gabrels], but the thing is, Bowie's so protective of him... He's made me very aware that he's Bowie's guitarist."

    Maybe this hints to who he'll work with on the next album: "I listen to a lot of dance music when I'm home, like Eat Static -- their first album is fantastic -- and Banco de Gaia and all the Planet Dog acts. I would certainly like some of them to mix the dance side of what we're doing next. I don't know."

    Smith says he has six songs done with his band, but another 40 songs completed -- sans lyrics -- at his home. "I'll probably write 20 sets of lyrics I think are good, so I'll have to know what songs I'm going to sing before I start. I often write stuff and it's a pile of rubbish."

  • From Wall of Sound :
  • Cops Break Up Cure Record-Signing

    It took more than twenty-five officers to disperse a crowd of two thousand Cure fans in Hollywood Tuesday night. The fans had gathered at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard for a midnight CD-signing by the band, but things soon got out of hand. Forty-five minutes after the event began, helmeted officers moved in and broke up the rowdy crowd. No arrests were reported. A police official told Los Angeles's City News Service that all went smoothly until "a few fans tried to rush the doors." The Cure are currently promoting their greatest-hits collection Galore, which was released on Tuesday.

    In other Cure news, frontman Robert Smith has let it slip that he's so anal that he won't stay with his fellow bandmates while on the road. "They're too scruffy and messy," he tells USA Today. "Wherever we go, I always have to go around and put things where I think they should go."

  • This small article is from the Oakland Press in Pontiac,Mi. (Thanks Eric)
  • Cleanly Cure On Tour

    Here's something you probably don't know about Cure singer Robert Smith: He's a clean freak. Smith, in Long Beach, Calif., on a promotional tour for the band's new compilation "Galore," acknowledged his neatness streak when asked about living with his bandmates. "I wouldn't do it again. ...beacause they're too scruffy and messy," he said. "Wherever we go, I always have to go around and put things where I think they should go." The album features singles from the past 10 years, including "Why Can't I Be You," and "Hot, Hot, Hot," as well as a new single, "Wrong Number".

  • Another report about the Virgin instore from Addicted to Noise :
  • News Flash: Police Put Damper On Cure Appearance

    Thousands of Cure fans shut out of L. A. in-store appearance by modern rock outfit.

    What thousands of Cure fans expected would be an opportunity to commune with their idol, band leader Robert Smith, turned into a rather ugly scene Monday night (Oct. 27) when several dozen police showed up at an L. A. record store in riot gear.

    Thousands of desperate Cure fans were shut out of the in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard by the venerable British alternative group.

    About 3,000 fans queued up outside the store to see Smith and his cohorts at the midnight album signing promoting their new album, Galore-- The Singles 1987-1997 (Oct. 28), which features one new track, "Wrong Number." According to Cure spokeswoman Tonya Hurley, only 500 of those people received the wristbands required for entry from sponsor KROQ radio; of those, only 300 were allowed in the store.

    "A lot of people got really upset because they didn't get a wristband and they had waited so long," Hurley said. "That's when all the trouble started. The LAPD came in with riot helmets on. But they weren't destroying the property or anything, they were just upset. It was more like an upheaval."

    The folks who were allowed in were treated to special attention from Smith, who remained at the store until 4 a.m. signing autographs and chatting up eager fans.

    One perhaps former fan was apparently more eager than anyone. "Some guy rushed Robert Smith and threw a subpoena at him," Hurley said. The document is reportedly related to a complaint against one of the Cure's former security guards. -- Chris Nelson [Wed., Oct. 29, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]

  • Here's a review of Galore from USA Today that was sent to Babble by Christopher :
  • Potent Cure 'Galore';...

    The Cure, Galore: The Singles 1987-1997 (4 stars)

    'Fascination Street,' Close to Me,' and 'Why Can't I be You?' are among the goth-pop pleasures on this batch of Cure hits, a rash of oldies plus one potent antidote. New tune 'Wrong Number,' bristling with rock-electronic pizazz and Robert Smith's hiccups, pants and vocal eccentricities, points to the Brit band's enduring muse and unfading creativity. E.G.

  • In case you're interested, the L.A. setlist is up along with a review of the show. If anyone else wants to put up a reveiw, just send it in.

  • Oct. 28th

  • From Allstar :
  • The Cure In-store Turns Into A Melee; Robert Smith Handed A Subpoena

    The Cure's in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles Monday (Oct. 27) night turned into quite the melee when approximately 3,000 fans anxiously awaited in line as the police locked the doors to prohibit entrance into the overcrowded store. Approximately 70 policemen in riot gear, as well as a few police helicopters with spotlights, arrived on the scene. "About 150 kids got through, then the police closed and locked the doors," says the Cure's publicist, Michael Pagnotta of Reach Media. "These kids were good, but very, very disappointed and they wouldn't leave. The band turned a two-hour in-store into four and a half hours. They didn't get home until almost 5 a.m., and it started at midnight.

    Only a few hundred got through because [singer] Robert [Smith] likes to spend time with each fan, which is good for the guy in front, but not for the ones in back." Pagnotta also says that fans -- many in tears -- were blocking the driveway of the car transporting the members of the Cure -- slamming on the doors of the car and following them back to their hotel. "At one point, about two-thirds of the way through the in-store, a guy bolted from the line and ran toward Robert at the table," says Pagnotta. "It was very frightening because it was so sudden. This guy threw something at him -- it was a subpoena. Apparently, one of the Cure's former security personnel is being sued over allegedly punching a fan at a show in L.A. last year and the band is being subpoenaed."

    Pagnotta says there is talk of the Cure doing "some special things in December that may include performance and may be fan- oriented."

    The Cure's Robert Smith Dials The Right 'Number' Part One Of A Three-Part Interview

    To hear the Cure rock out on "Wrong Number," the new single from their singles package Galore, released Tuesday (Oct. 28) on Elektra/ Fiction, it's hard to imagine that song to have once incorporated female backup singers and a horn section. But it did. The original version of the song was recorded with one of Robert Smith's favorite producer/ remixers, Adrian Sherwood, and featured a less "rock" treatment with the female backing vocals and horns. (Sherwood has worked with Primal Scream, Ministry, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Dub Syndicate.)

    The single that's out in the U.S. now (it'll be No. 9 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart this week) is given the pure rock treatment with the help of Reeves Gabrels (of David Bowie's band) on guitar and production by Mark Plati (who produced Bowie's Earthling album). The original version of "Wrong Number," though, is available on the European single release of the track, which also includes the U.S. single version, as well as mixes by Smith, Sussex, England's Transparent Sound, and Omid Nourizadeh. ("He does real ambient jazz stuff. It doesn't sound anything like 'Wrong Number'," says Smith of Nourizadeh.) The single will be out in the U.K. shortly, but isn't slated for release in the U.S., according to the Cure's spokesperson.

    "The version [of 'Wrong Number'] I did with Mark Plati was going to be a remix," says Smith. "The Adrian Sherwood was the A-side, but the one with Mark and Reeves I thought was just much better... It kind of echoes 'Never Enough.' It would be a totally different song without [Gabrels] -- nowhere near as good because [of] the element that was missing. I mean, Teddy [Cure guitarist Perry Bamonte's nickname] and I play guitar, but very different and not as well. Teddy wouldn't mind me saying that. It was funny, [Gabrels] started playing really tastefully in a sort of Cure vein, how he'd imagined I wanted him to play. All that 'rock god' stuff didn't exist. So I told him, 'Please, Reeves, rock out.' It's such good fun seeing someone like that play that well. I could sit there for days watching him play."

    Smith hooked up with Gabrels after meeting Plati at Bowie's 50th birthday party concert in New York in January. "I was telling him that I thought Earthling was a really good record, and he was flattered and started telling me all about what he thought about our stuff, and I realized that he knew what we had done and was actually a fan," explains Smith. "So I asked if he would like to do something with me in the studio and he agreed. Later in the year I was waiting to write something that I thought would kinda work with him producing, and 'Wrong Number' was the song. It just happened that Reeves was traveling back from somewhere in Europe to America and stopped over in London to see some friends. Mark phoned him up and Reeves phoned me in the studio and said, 'Do you mind if I come over for a beer?' I said, 'Hmmm. Bring your guitar.' And not 12 hours later, 'Wrong Number' was finished."

    Smith says he'd like to work with Gabrels again in the the future, possibly for some songs on the Cure's next studio album, which he's been working on for some time. Check out Part Two and Part Three of allstar's interview with Smith for more details on the next album, as well as a B-sides collection. Meanwhile, the Cure will make their debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday (Oct. 29) night, performing one of their biggest hits.

  • From Webnoize news :
  • Cure Interview Is Primer for Halloween Webcast

    Looking to plug both their new album and their Halloween night webcast on LiveConcerts, gloom-and-doomers The Cure will take part tonight in a live interview at the entertainment site. Interested fans can submit questions to the band via an email system set up at LiveConcerts, or directly from the LiveConcerts chat room. The interview, which will take place at L.A.'s House of Blues, is slated to begin at 8 p.m. EST. Robert Smith and the boys will no doubt talk about the band's latest "best of" release on Elektra Records, The Cure, Galore: The Singles 1987-1997, as well as other highlights from the past 20 years.

  • Here's the info on the LA tickets from Claire :
  • "The exact location is the main ticketmaster outlet, at 6243 Hollywood Blvd. 2 ticket limit, no line up's prior to noon. 500 tickets on sale at 2pm."

  • I got this report on the KROQ appearance from Melissa :
  • "There were about 50 people waiting at KROQ studio for the band to come down. (When the band went in they had promised to sign everyones things.) All of the girls crowded Robert and only a few went to the rest of the band members and got signatures. They were really nice and they stayed until everyone got what they wanted signed. I'm glad I took my chances at KROQ rather than going to the Virgin Megastore!!! "

  • Here's a report on the Virgin Megastore cancellation (Thanks Claire!) :
  • "well i just want to tell you what happend at the signing, down in hollywood last night. the band didn't get there till around 12:30, and the actual signing didn't begin until 12:45. they were really drunk, and robert could bearly stay in his seat. they probably signed 30-35 autographs, before LAPD shut the whole thing down around 1:10am. there were probably more than 2000 people there, three floors of waiting fans. since we were told that the band would stay there until everyone got an autograph. my sister is the one that got through, she was 11th in line, i was around number 45, and right at the door, when they closed it and said, "go home, we've been shut down by LAPD." i just stood there stunned, then people began to protest, and they said "sorry, there is nothing we can do." i just left afterwards, because there was alot of talk, that if the band didn't do as they promised, they were going to rush in. i left around 1:20am, and i have no idea what happend afterwards."

  • and here's another report that was posted to Babble by Robbie :
  • "No albums were signed. Over 2000 of us waited from 6:30pm to 2:00am only to find out that there was to be no autographing because we had misbehaved. Which is poppycock, because we had been doing nothing but standing in one place for 8 hours. The only people who had misbehaved were the non-Cure-fan onlookers who were crowding the front doors of Virgin records to see what was going on inside.

    It wasn't until about 1:30am, when there still had been no announcement from anyone, that those literally trapped on the third floor of the shopping structure began pushing people from the third floor down to the second, and the second floor down to the first. The area outside the front doors of the store had been pretty much empty the whole time, until people started crowding in front of the doors, which brought the armored police .

    The manager of the store came out and told us to disperse, but people kept crowding the front doors more and more. More police were brought in to guard the front door. Then a bunch of morons started a chant going, "Robert! Robert! . . ." Then the manager said something to the effect of "no more Mr. Nice Guy" and pointed to the police behind him. It was at that point that I decided I wanted no more of this, and squeezed my way out of the thickening crowd, and went home. "

  • From Billboard-Online :
  • The Cure's "Galore" (Fiction/Elektra) compiles every single put out by the U.K. modern rock mainstays since 1987. Included among the 18 tracks are such favorites as "Why Can't I Be You," "Hot Hot Hot," "Love Song," "Never Enough," "Friday I'm In Love," and "Mint Car," as well as one new track, "Wrong Number." The album follows in the footsteps of the group's platinum 1986 classic "Standing On A Beach--The Singles." To support "Galore," the Cure has been playing its first U.S. club dates in a decade; the band's Halloween gig at Irving Plaza in New York is one of the hottest tickets in town.

    Oct. 27th

  • The 3rd Christmas date has been announced,this was posted to Babble by MrPinkEyez :
  • "y100 here in philadelphia just announced that the cure will play the tower theater on saturady november 29th along with the sneaker pimps and love spit love. tickets go on sale at all ticketmaster locations saturday november 1st at 10am. from what i remember the tower is a small venue, maybe 2000 seats. "

  • A reminder that The Cure will be on KROQ in Los Angeles today from 5 to 7 pm (Pacific time) to announce the location of ticket sales for tomorrow's show and to DJ. Also,the band will be doing a record signing and possibly a brief concert at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd. at midnight.

  • Here's a new interview from the Orange County Register (Thanks Chris) :
  • Oct. 24, 1997

    It's not the end of The Cure, but it's close

    It's just a great bunch of songs. It doesn't mark the end for The Cure.

    But it's close.

    "Galore," a new singles collection from the legendary gloom-pop band, picks up where 1986's "Standing on the Beach," a summary of early favorites, left off. Covering the "hits" (with a group like The Cure, which rarely cracks the Top 40, the term must be used liberally) from 1987's "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" on through last year's "Wild Mood Swings," the disc is merely a way for die-hards to reminisce and new fans to catch up -- or test the waters on some material that might prove too challenging if taken in proper album-length doses.

    It's not a greatest-hits package, then. Don't call it that.

    "I ultimately want to do something like that," says band leader Robert Smith, whose name has become synonymous with The Cure. "The last thing that ever comes out under The Cure's name will be a greatest hits, but it will be my choice of songs, it will have nothing to do with whatever the commercial hits were. That's not my concern.

    "It will be more about the songs that for me sum up what being in The Cure has been about in its various states. And I don't particularly want someone at a record company to tell me what the best Cure songs are when it comes time to do it."

    Interestingly -- and unfortunately, as Cure nuts will see it -- that final package comes with an arrival date. Smith has long said that he doesn't wish The Cure to continue past his 40th birthday in 1999.

    "For the group, really, that should be it," he said by phone from his home in London. "I want to get into film music and other things that interest me. I decided in 1983 that walking into the millennium I should be doing something new."

    Does he still feel that way now?

    "Yeah, I don't want to drag it out any longer than that. For me, The Cure means something special, it means ... well, it means something anyway. I'd like to leave it at that."

    Next year, then, could bring the final Cure album, which Smith says is being recorded. (Also due next year is a separate B-sides collection, spanning the last decade of release, as a companion piece to "Galore.")

    "Well, it definitely will be the last album we're doing for our record company around the world, so it would certainly be easy to stop there. But then we can do the comeback tour in 2002," he joked. "At least there's enough pressure for us not to go through with this."

    Bottom line, enjoy The Cure while it's still here. Looking back over the radio staples of the last decade might not appeal to some -- though hearing "Lovesong," "Just Like Heaven" and "Friday I'm in Love" again isn't exactly torture. But included in the set is a new gem, "Wrong Number," already in heavy airplay on KROQ/106.7 FM (though not slated for release as a single) and praised by some as the best Cure track in years.

    Curiously, it's also the least emblematic Cure song since "Hot Hot Hot!!!" showed us the sullen Brits had a funky side. Not only does the song not feature most of the band's other members (in direct opposition to Smith's unfailing pride in The Cure as a fully formed creative unit) but it features a guest spot -- a Cure first -- from guitarist Reeves Gabrels, known for his work recently with David Bowie.

    What's more, its clackety electronic rhythms have little in common with the band's approach recently. The only thing like it in its catalog, really, is its warped cover of "Purple Haze" from a Jimi Hendrix tribute this decade. Smith, however, can't quite figure if it's pointing the way for The Cure's sound or not.

    "About a month ago I thought it had nothing to do with anything," he says, "but since then I've really started to get into its mood, and I now see some of the other songs I'm working on picking up that feeling. There's so much more immediacy in the band right now, in what we're working on, that what we're doing almost has a Neil Young sound to it. There's even a bit of Hammond organ in spots and lengthier guitar solos -- at least for us.

    "It's all very different, but then I'm also interested in using loops as well, apart from my voice and any guitar. So it's not all in one style."

    But Smith says not everyone in the band instantly took to the idea of releasing a Cure song that wasn't really, well, a Cure song.

    "Some of them were really taken aback by the idea, in that it's always been just us, or whoever is in the group at the time," he says. "On the other hand, some of them were perfectly thrilled to not do any work and still call it The Cure."

    (The singer adds that, though a stitched-together in-studio band version will be released in Europe, the group has never played "Wrong Number" live and is only now rehearsing it. Its world premiere will come Tuesday when The Cure plays the American Legion Hall. "Hopefully we don't murder it," he quips.)

    No one should read too much into the success of the song, though, Smith says. Its lack of full participation is not an early hint at the end.

    "It's just that there always seems to be this unspoken thing in the band that for better or for worse, it's just us. It started out as an us-against-the-world attitude, but it really just came down to a mindset that we're focused on what The Cure is about. When you're not, that's when you're not in the band anymore, really. That's when people have left.

    "It's something based on friendship and commonality and a certain way of looking at the world, and I've been really loathe to bring anyone else in before because that balance with The Cure has always worked."

    Indeed, what most believe is the group's crowning achievement, 1989's "Disintegration," came out during this fruitful period. Without sounding too boastful, Smith believes it is his shining hour.

    " `Disintegration' will probably always be my favorite Cure album, because of the way it's made and especially what it means to me. I think there's only a couple of times ever in an artist's career where you reach a point where you think, `That's perfect. I couldn't do that any better.' `Disintegration' is one of those albums."

    So dear to his heart is that work that he's returning to the high-pressure approach of its production schedule for the band's new effort. Whereas The Cure spent close to a year on "Wild Mood Swings," it hurried through "Disintegration" in under two months.

    And it's easy to figure which one will last a good 25 years.

    Consequently, The Cure is working at hyper-speed, almost in competition with "Disintegration's" pace. "We've booked five days in the studio coming up, and we intend to come out with five songs when it's over. It's more conducive to where we're at right now, and it should produce something punchier."

    And, perhaps, something nearing closure. After all, Smith knows that for some people -- the sort that still have teased jet-black hair and smeared lipstick and heavy eyeshadow -- shutting down The Cure is a form of saying grow up and get a life.

    "That's true, and it's what leads to a certain pressure from people that I get firsthand," Smith said. "We've been there for a lot of people all throughout their lives, they've grown up with us, and if we stop, then it's like saying it's time to face the outside world."

    Still, weepy complaints aren't likely to sway his outlook. "At the moment, I'm here and really into it, but inside I know that I want to do so many other things. The name The Cure for me has so many positive connotations that I really don't want to spoil it. It will be the right time to move on."

  • Thanks to Steven for sending this in:
  • "There is a huge rumor that the Cure will be including a small set during their in store appearance @ VMS in LA. No word on whether it will be fully "Plugged," or fully "unplugged..." But Kroq DJ's have been hinting around that the boys sings us 3-5 tracks off of Galore... Remember no line ups prior to 7PM! "

  • Thanks to MattCure for sending this in:
  • "Y107 radio in Los Angeles will have a top 20 countdown of the best Cure songs I think tomorrow. You can email them your favorite 3 cure songs at"

  • Here's some info about Robert's non-appearance on SNL from the person who sent the original information about it :
  • "I just talked to Fiction and they told me that there was a scheduling conflict and Robert had to go to LA instead of doing SNL. They said that the Goth Talk skit was written for Robert to make an entrance as the singer of the local goth band, but since he didn't make it, the regular cast member just took his part. Quite a dissappointment! "

    Oct. 26th

  • A reminder that The Cure will be on Modern Rock Live tonight. If you can't find a station in your area that carries it,you can listen to it over the internet at KNRK , KTBZ (I think) , WPLA , WRXQ , KFRR, WXEG .
  • (Note:the interview is apparently being done at Y107 in Orange County,Ca.)

  • Here's some comments from Robert on what we might expect from the official website in the coming weeks (note: these comments were made in mid-Sept. ) :

  • "Yeah we've been slacking haven't we?

    Although we have had a lot of new things on it we've been umm,each time we've been in the studio we've a had a cuseeme,we've got a reflector site up now, so we've got like the facilities for 250 people to come and join in the fun in the control room,which has lead to some quite embarrassing incidents when we've forgotten that we were actually online.And there's been some quite revealing photos posted on other peoples websites.

    But umm,the whole site is being updated,I've got 2 whole zip drives worth of stuff that I'm currently reviewing.It's scheduled to be Oct. 1st that the whole site,virtually every room in the house is gonna be,have something new in it.

    But we've been working on like getting all the old demos put into wav files and various midi files,and everyone has redone their room.There's loads of stuff,I thought we might as well do it in one big hit rather than you know just keep updating in little goes.

    The real reason is I've absolved myself of running it for the last 3 months to concentrate on writing songs,and ever since I've done that,everyone else in the group said "oh,we'll do it",they haven't done anything.Cause they're lazy (said in a humorous tone), and I will go on record as saying so.

    There's also a couple of mixes,remixes of Wrong Number which we'll be making available just on the website.They're really good remixes but there's no room for them on the commercial release.

    There'll be lots of new stuff going up,we've got a lot of video outtake footage to put up there as well,and umm,book reviews,loads of stuff. "

  • As you all know by now,Robert was not on SNL. I will try to find out if he backed out or if the whole thing was a scam. I just hope everyone taped it and didn't have to sit through that show.

  • Here's some info from Olivier on the French promos for Wrong Number and Galore :
  • A friend of mine who is the editor of Premoniton, a French music magazine, just got the Wrong Number and Galore promos. The French Galore promo is a CD in a cardboard sleeve with the regular picture but with very saturated colors. Its ref. # is 6898 (Polydor).

    As for the Wrong Number promo, it's on two 12"s:

    Wrong Number Fiction promo double-12": (FICSX 54 on the sleeve, FICCX 54 on the records)

    Side A: A. Wrong Number (single mix) B. Wrong Number (ISDN mix)

    Side B: C. Wrong Number (digital exchange mix)

    Side C: D. Wrong Number (dub analogue exchange mix) E. Wrong Number (crossed line mix)

    Side D: F. Wrong Number (engaged mix) G. Wrong Number (P2P mix)

    A, B and C mixed by mark plati D mixed by Adrian Sherwood E mixed by omid nourizadeh F mixed by transparent sound G mixed by robert smith

    A, C, D, F and G are on the CD single and A, B, D, E and G are on the regular 12".

    Oct. 25th

  • Thanks to Fran for sending this in:
  • "muchmusic is featuring the Cure's performance on the On Tour series tues. october 28th and tues.december 9th at 4pm, 8pm and 1030am"

  • Here's a story on the NY ticket fiasco from Addicted to Noise :
  • News Flash: Hundreds Of Cure Fans Go Ticketless

    Those waiting in vain for hours to get tickets to Halloween Irving Plaza gig leave with nothing but bad memory.

    NEW YORK -- It was a scene of disappointment in New York's Irving Plaza Friday morning as hundreds of eager fans waited for hours in the cold for Cure tickets -- many sleeping overnight on the sidewalk -- only to be forced away from the corner empty handed.

    Police shooed irate fans from the street, while the lucky, which included more than a few scalpers and other ticket buyers, kept their spots in line at the box office.

    The atmosphere grew increasingly tense as more than 1,000 ticketless fans, anxious to get into the highly-anticipated Cure Halloween gig, became frustrated. Ticket sales for the show had been advertised in the Village Voice, a 250,000-circulation weekly. The ad noted a two-ticket limit for fans of the moody pop band looking to see the show at Irving Plaza (with its 1,000- person capacity). The box-office-only sale would begin at noon, according to the ad.

    But according to a policeman at the scene, only 500 tickets were sold to 250 lucky wristband holders. The other 500 were set aside "for the band."

    "I don't know anything about that," an anonymous box office spokesman said Friday. "Tickets were limited to two per person, and about one-fourth of the line were able to get tickets." He estimated the total crowd outside at 1,500 people.

    A certain number of tickets to a show in a major metropolitan area are typically put aside for use by the band and their record label to accommodate radio personnel, friends of the band and the press.

    While 250 wristband-wearing people remained queued up between the Plaza's wall and a line of police barricades, officers at the end of the line waved off more than a thousand unsatisfied customers left without the green bracelet. Cardboard boxes flattened out all over the sidewalks -- bedding from the previous night's ticket vigil -- acted as reminders of the gathering of devoted fans who had only hours earlier covered these sidewalks.

    As two 13th Precinct squad cars sat double-parked and about 30 officers went to work controlling the crowd, traffic slowed to see what was going on.

    "You are ordered to disperse if you don't have a wristband," a policeman boomed from his squad car's public address system. By 12:10 p.m., the police were checking identification of anyone who didn't belong in the area. By 12:15, they made their first and only arrest, hauling away a dreadlocked fan from the corner of Irving Plaza and 15th Street. The fan was later charged with disorderly conduct, Officer Cheryl Cox, a police spokesperson, said.

    As people on the other side of the street grumbled and complained, one fan just shrugged and said, "What can you do?" As police paraded their one arrest down the middle of the street, fans began dispersing.

    "I have a friend who knows somebody at Fiction Records," shouted one weeping girl with multi-colored hair, clutching her sleeping bag and a sign that read "Scalpers Suck." She said she'd stayed the night on cardboard boxes outside the club, confident that there would still be tickets after the wristbanders finished their transactions. It wasn't until morning, though, that those without bands found out they would not be getting tickets.

    As the crowd thinned, a waiter from a restaurant on Irving Plaza and 16th street swept up the garbage, shaking his head at the obstacle course of garbage left for his lunch-time crowd.

    "What happened...?" a trucker going uptown asked an officer. "Howard Stern's gonna have something to say about that on Monday," he told the cop. -- Eric Arnum [Fri., Oct. 24, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]

    For more stories about the New York fiasco,click here.

    Oct. 24th

  • And now we have the 2nd Christmas show date (Thanks Julia):
  • "I spoke with the news guy for KNDD in Seattle, he said the Deck the Hall Ball will be on December 'official' announcement will follow, i begged and pleaded for some info on whether the cure will appear, he said in not so many words, yes."

  • Got this from Mike regarding the NY show radio broadcast:
  • "According to a DJ at WBCN (104.1) in Boston, they will be broadcasting the show from 10.30 - midnight on Halloween."

  • As expected,the N.Y. show was sold out within a matter of minutes.If you want to read some of the dissapointing stories,click here.

  • The Australian release date for Galore is Nov. 3rd. (Thanks Robin)

  • Wrong Number was released in Belgium & France yesterday. (Thanks to Christophe & Catcure for the info)

  • Oct. 23rd

  • The first Christmas show has been announced (thanks J.B.) :
  • "They just announced the 'Show Job' lineup for KRNK 94.7 in Portland, Or. The Lineup is The Cure, Everclear, Save Ferris, & Ben Harper. The show is at the Rose Garden, Portland Or. , on Dec. 9th 1997 tickets go on sale on Halloween morning!!! "

  • Here's the latest U.S. chart info for Wrong Number from the Nov. 1st,1997 issue of Billboard:
  • Modern Rock Tracks chart: up 5 spots to #12 with a bullet (3rd week)

    Rock Big Picture chart: up 7 spots to at #19 with a bullet (3rd week)

    Hot 100 Airplay chart : up 1 spot to #69 with a bullet (2nd week)

  • Here's a new article from JAMtv :
  • It's been 10 long years, but Robert Smith and the Cure are once again going to grace the stage of an intimate club. On Oct. 28, the band will release Galore, an album that contains all the band's singles from the past 10 years and then kick it into high gear at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles for their first live club performance since the late '80s.

    That's not all, however. The Cure will also have a special CD signing session at the Virgin Megastore on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard at midnight on Oct. 27. Prior to the show on the 28th, Smith and the gang will take their show live over the Internet for a cyberchat from the House of Blues in L.A. Fans of the band should tune into L.A.-based radio stronghold KROQ (106.7) on Oct. 27 at 5 p.m. PST to get details on how to obtain tickets. Smith himself will make the announcement.

    Three days after the L.A. show, the alt-rock Goth pioneers will fly to the Atlantic coast for a club gig on Halloween at New York's Irving Plaza. The Album Network will broadcast the Oct. 31 show across alternative radio airwaves for those who couldn't make it to the Big Apple for the concert. A limited number of tickets for this show will go on sale Friday at noon for $30 (a two ticket limit per person will be enforced).

    Cure fans can expect the band to play a set of greatest hits pulled from the new album (Galore) as well as 1986's Standing On A Beach.

    The Cure will also join Jay Leno on the "Tonight Show" to sing a tune on Oct. 29. Who knows, maybe Jay will ask the band to play two songs? (Ari Bendersky)

    Oct. 22nd

    Here's the official announcement from Irving Plaza :

    +-----=========== IRVING PLAZA UPDATE ===========-----+


    On Sale This Friday October 24th at Noon

    "First U.S. Club Show in a decade!"


    Halloween Night, Friday October 31st 1997 At IRVING PLAZA

    17 Irving Place at East 15th Street, NYC

    Live Cybercast

    Doors at 9pm/Show at 10:30pm/Broadcast at 10:45pm

    All Tickets $30.00 2 Limit per person CASH ONLY

    Tickets ONLY available at the IRVING PLAZA BOX OFFICE

  • Got this in the mail last night (Thanks Flor) :
  • "just letting you know that CFNY (102.1 the edge) of Toronto is going to broadcast the halloween concert + a special interview with Robert on Nov. 1st between 2 and 4 am. "

  • And this was posted to Babble this morning by Ruba :
  • "i called xrt (93.1) last night and the d.j. said they will be broadcasting the nyc show oct.31 at 9:30pm."

    Oct. 21st

  • WXRK has announced that tickets for the New York show will go on sale at noon this Friday (Oct. 24th) at the Irving Plaza box office ONLY.Tickets are $30 and there is a limit of 2 per person. (Thanks to Jon & Conway for the info)

  • Here's a new article from Wall of Sound :
  • The Cure Conquers America

    Get out the black mascara and start teasing your hair: The Cure is coming--perhaps to a town near you. The Oct. 28 release of the group's new hits collection, Galore, will bring the British band to American shores for two separate trips. The first takes place later this month, when the band hits Los Angeles and New York for some heavy public appearances to promote Galore.

    October 26: They'll be on "Modern Rock Live" from Los Angeles.

    October 27: At 5:00 p.m., Cure leader Robert Smith will go on KROQ-FM to announce where tickets are being sold for the group's City of Angels performance the following night. The Cure will then do a midnight in-store record signing at the Virgin Megastore

    October 28: The Cure will do a Web chat on from the House of Blues before playing a concert for five hundred fans at the Hollywood American Legion hall.

    October 29: The group will make its first appearance on The Tonight Show, performing either its new single, "Wrong Number," or "Just Like Heaven."

    October 31: The Cure then hits New York for a 7:00 p.m. record-signing session at the Tower Records in Greenwich Village, followed by a 10:45 p.m. concert at Irving Plaza, which will be broadcast nationally on radio and on the internet.

    The band then returns to England for a month, coming back to the U.S. on November 28 for a series of radio-station holiday shows. The specific dates are still being confirmed, but the group is looking at playing in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Chicago, San Jose, Seattle, Dallas, and maybe a couple of other cities.

    Smith says the October shows "will be based around Galore. They'll probably be Galore and some of the other singles preceding Galore. I don't think we'll be introducing the heavier elements into those shows, because they're kind of friendly and I find it difficult pulling off some of the slower, emotional songs in smaller venues. I prefer the stuff that's more upbeat.

    The second round of dates will be more adventurous, he says. "We're going to be re-working some of the singles, sort of like re-mixing them onstage," Smith explains. "We're embracing some new technology. I think when we come back in November and December, we'll be a bit further down the line. It'll probably be more satisfying. Also, I just want to have fun." --Gary Graff

  • Got this in the mail from Maladiction :
  • From allstarmag


    The Cure has opted to not release any ticket information about their forthcoming small club shows until the very last minute.

    According to a spokesperson for the Cure, the band will take over alternative station KROQ in Los Angeles on Oct. 27 between 5-7 p.m. (PST) to announce where fans can purchase tickets for the Oct. 28 show at the American Legion Hall. They will also play DJ for those two hours, playing Cure material and some of their favorite bands. Later that night, the band will sign autographs at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd. at midnight.

    There will be approximately 500 tickets for fans to purchase for the L.A. show, and it wasn't determined whether the tickets would go on sale the night of the KROQ broadcast or the day of the show.

    Then, on Oct. 28, the band will take part in an online chat from the House of Blues in West Hollywood from 5-6 p.m. (PST) via Live Concerts at

    As for ticket information for the Halloween show at Irving Plaza in New York, alternative station WXRK (K-Rock) will make an on-air announcement on Tuesday (Oct. 21) with the details. The night of the show, the Cure will sign stuff at the Tower Records store on 4th Street in Greenwich Village at 7 p.m.

    Other upcoming appearances for the Cure include Global Satellite Network's syndicated radio show Modern Rock Live on Oct. 26, Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Oct. 29, MTV's 120 Minutes on Nov. 2, and a two- hour special in which the Cure play all their videos on M2. The latter show tapes on Halloween, but an air date hasn't been given yet. In addition, there could be a very big surprise regarding Robert Smith in New York on Oct. 25. Details will be announced shortly.

    And, for those not fortunate enough to see the Cure live, Rocktropolis ( will cybercast the Halloween show in conjunction with the Album Network, which is also syndicating the show to radio stations nationwide. The band's forthcoming compilation album, Galore, is due Oct. 28 on Elektra, with a home video collection following on Nov. 11. (allstar, Oct. 3).

  • And this is from 102.1 The Edge (thanks Francine) :
  • AN EDGE ADVENTURE EXTRA Robert Smith got up enough nerve to travel across the sea for a series of CURE gigs in North America. And we scored a pair of tickets to what has GOT to be the ultimate day, place and time to see the band. It's the Cure in New York City - on Hallowe'en! When you hear us play the Cure call in to get on the standby list. Humble and Fred draw a name Tuesday October 28 at 7:10 a.m.. If it's you, call us at 870-EDGE within 10 minutes and 21 seconds - and you're on your way.

  • The Wrong Number single was released in Germany today. (Thanks to Karsten for the info)

  • Oct. 20th

  • The Cure will be on Modern Rock Live next Sunday night (Oct. 26th).You can check this list of stations (on a Offspring page) to see if it will be on in your area.

  • Here's something I got from Andrew :

  • I thought you might be interested in the following news which appeared in an article on Channel 4 (UK) teletext 19/10/97:-

    'Cure vocalist Robert smith says the band are planning to split-but not until the turn of the century. 38 year old Smith says:"I'm going to give up in 1999. Those close to me know that that has been my plan for years. Being 40 in the year 1999 has special meaning for me. In 1999 we'll release a Greatest Hits LP, then I'll write film music. I don't want to be in a band then and I don't want to be a solo artist."'

    Oct. 17th

  • From the KNDD website (thanks to Julia for letting me know) :
  • The Cure actually tried to write a hit when they wrote Wrong Number -- They needed a new hit for their upcoming singles compilation Galore & re-worked the song several times, finally Robert Smith asked David Bowie's guitarist Reeves Gabrel, who was in town, what he'd do with it -- What you hear is the result of that fateful phone call.

  • From the MTV website (Thanks to Kevin for letting me know) :
  • Attention Cure Fans: Casting Call

    MTV News is looking for people to interview for an upcoming segmennt on The Cure's Halloween concert. We are interested in speaking with individuals between the ages of 22 and 27 who were fans of The Cure in their teenage years, during the mid to late 80's, and have now grown up, joined the workforce, and "adjusted". If you are interested, please respond as soon as possible.

    Please email us back at the following address:

    ( What about those of us who are over 27? Or haven't "adjusted" ? )

    Oct. 16th

  • Just got this from Francine :
  • "The radio station i listen to called 102.1 the egde is giving away tickets to go see the cure on halloween starting tomorrow (friday, 17th) and all this is only useful for people who live in the 102.1 area which is toronto, toronto area, and buffalo"

  • And this is from someone who wants to remain anonymous :
  • "I have a very good source saying that the Irving Plaza show will be announced officially on the 22nd, and that the voucher rumors are just that, rumors. tix are to go on sale the 24th."

  • Here's a great new article from Addicted to Noise :
  • Home Is Where Robert Smith's Music Is

    B-sides project will most likely be three CDs available through the band's official website.

    Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports : As far as he's concerned at least, Robert Smith has been newly liberated by technology.

    "I've brought myself up to speed on sampling and loops," said the Cure frontman, excited about having a studio at home for the first time. "Now I've got myself to the point where I can sit at home and do a demo and end up the following day with a finished song."

    And, from the sound of it, Smith has been spending a lot of time at home. He's been working not just on the Cure's next album, scheduled for release in the spring of 1998, but also on a career-spanning collection of rarities, b-sides, soundtrack work and other marginalia, as well as one other secret project that's the current apple of his eye.

    "I've been seriously toying with the idea lately of releasing a dance album under a different name with some guest vocalist," said Smith, who speculated that he would never sing on such a project, since as soon as he opened his mouth, "it would be a Cure song regardless." Although Smith said the latest electronica fashions may not suit the mood of the Cure's music, his fascination with dance culture still needs an outlet, even as he cautioned "you won't start seeing me dressing in tangerine and going clubbing."

    The still-untitled b-sides project, which he suspected would be a triple-CD, will most likely be available through the Cure's official website. "There's just so much stuff we've done over the years that's hard to find and this is the best kind of thing for hard-core fans who want the soundtrack songs we did in the '80s, the soundtrack to the 20-minute film we used on the 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me' tour, which I have the only copy of and other things only die-hard fans know about."

    The singer started to compile the material in April of this year, and it's taken much longer than he imagined to gather the songs, which will be taken from everything from obscure bootlegs to the band's one-off Spanish language single. "I'm still trying to track down tapes," Smith said. "I've got my own tapes and I've been going through boxes and boxes of ancient material at my mom and dad's with old reel-to-reel tape, posters, everything. I have to physically sit down and listen to all of it, some of which is enjoyable and some very tedious."

    Jennifer Dickert, 22, webmaster of the Cure-centric Mintcar site, said the Cure e- mail lists Babble and Descent have been buzzing for the past few months about the possibility of a b-sides collection. "We were all curious to know if there would be a b-sides collection to go along with [the Cure's new singles compilation] Galore," said Dickert, who launched her site earlier this year.

    Dickert was especially excited about such a collection, she said, since her b- sides are all currently on vinyl, which she doesn't listen to as much. Among the songs on her wish list are the rarities "Fear of Ghosts" and "This Twilight Garden," "which is supposed to be their best song ever. "

    Home recording technology has already affected the recording of the next Cure album, their 13th. "Being able to record at home, which I've done already with five of the seven songs we've completed so far," said Smith, "has brought back the technical side of the band that's been missing over the past few years."

    Smith said the band is back to their old working situation, where he can call up drummer Jason Cooper and request a 120 bpm (beats per minute) tempo, loop that beat at home and have a finished track that afternoon. "They missed me being like this, with a singularity of purpose."

    Another change is the possibility of outside help, spurred by Smith's collaboration with former Tin Machine guitarist Reeves Gabrels on the song "Wrong Number," from the band's singles retrospective Galore. "Working with Reeves led me into an area where I've been talking with the rest of the group about my determination to work with outsiders," Smith said. "It will broaden our scope and allows me to experiment in ways that will change the way I write songs."

    Smith said he'd approached several collaborators already, but was not yet willing to reveal their identities. Among his favorite new songs so far is one called "Another Happy Birthday," which he described as "unlike anything the Cure have done before. It's not a verse-chorus-verse type of song, but more fluid."

  • Here's the latest chart info for Wrong Number from the Oct. 25th issue of Billboard:
  • Modern Rock Tracks chart: up 19 spots to #17 with a bullet and is awarded this weeks Airpower rating (meaning the song has achieved a significant level of weekly airplay) (2nd week on)

    Rock Big Picture chart: up 4 spots to at #26 with a bullet (2nd week on)

    Hot 100 Airplay chart : debuts at #70 with a bullet

    And according to Billboard's Clip List, the Wrong Number video has been added to The Box's rotation.

  • The new issue of CureNews is out. Here's Janie's post to Babble :
  • curenews18 is finally ready to mail out........

    loads of news and questions and answers from the band...yummmm!

    janie & chris
    po box 211
    hayes middlesex
    ub4 9nz

    (and don't forget to include 2 IRC's when requesting the new issue)

    Oct. 15th

  • Robert provides today's "Quote (Unquote)" on the Addicted To Noise site.

  • Jeff lester posted this to Babble today:
  • Today's (10/14) L.A. Times Calendar Section: "Ticket information about the Cure's Oct. 28 show at the Hollywood American Legion Hall is expected to be announced by the band on Oct. 27 during an in-studio appearance on KROQ-FM (106.7)."

  • I got this in the mail from Brian today :
  • "I talked to Reeves Gabrels after the Bowie show last week and he said he was going to be working on the next cure album, and playing with them on the next tour. I dont know how accurate that is, but thats what he said."

  • And this came in the mail from Steven :
  • "I went to tower records today and found out that the in-store performance is also on oct. 31, and will probably start at about 4pm. the girl i spoke to said she didn't know if they were going to do a signing then or not. hope that helps."

    Oct. 13th

  • This was posted to Babble by Weezer (date for the in-store is Oct. 31st):
  • "Just wanted to pass along that the New York in-store will be at the downtown Tower Records on West 4th Street.... "

    Correction : The story sent to me about Mark Plati and Reeves Gabrels producing the next album have been denied by Roger O' Donnell. It would seem that the newspaper and radio was confusing Galore with the new album due out next year. (Thanks to Sebastien for the correction)

    Oct. 11th

  • Thanks to Veronica for letting me know about this one.
  • From the Kndd website:

    The Cure are set to start touring, They’ll play a couple of small club gigs in New York & LA & they’ll be doing free In-Store performances both places too. After the small club gigs The Cure has hired a DJ to spin tunes after the show so the band can party with their fans. The Cure will play Leno October 29th (their 1st time ever on The Tonight Show) The new cure hits compilation Galore hits the shelves October 27th.The $ 50 million question is hat will Robert Smith’s hair look like this time around? Robert says he doesn’t even know himself yet - He’ll wait til the last possible moment & says "it might even happen at the Airport" ( wouldn’t it be weird if he shaved all his hair off?)

  • I got this from someone who wishes to remain anonymous,and I've had three others write with the same info:
  • "The information I have is that Irving Plaza has confirmed the show on Halloween in New York and that the tickets will go on sale on 24 October. This is highly secret, but it *will* happen."

    Oct. 10th

  • From the College Music Journal :

    10 October 1997

    Modern-rock legends the Cure will be playing two small venues in October in support of its forthcoming singles compilation. The band is tentatively scheduled to perform at Hollywood's American Legion Hall on October 28, before hitting New York City for a Halloween gig at Irving Plaza that will be simulcast nationally via radio and the internet. Each venue holds roughly 1,100 people, but those who cannot get into the shows can watch the band's October 29 debut on NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The performances support the October 28 release of Galore, an 18-track compilation featuring all The Cure's singles since 1987, plus one new track. The band is also working on a new album and will return to the United States in November to headline 10 Christmas concerts organized by various radio stations.

  • Here's a new article from Ticketmaster's Live! Daily :
  • The Cure To Do Club Tour

    Brit band The Cure have announced plans to do a tour of small clubs in New York and Los Angeles in support of their upcoming album release, "Galore," on Electra. Confirmed club dates include an October 28 performance at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles and a Halloween show at Irvine Plaza in New York, which will also be broadcast via the radio and Internet. "Galore," features a retrospective of the band’s work since 1987 and will also include a new track, the single "Wrong Number." Details on The Cure’s cybercast will be published on Live! Daily as they become available.

  • And this came in the mail yesterday from Terry :
  • I have some info for the radio promotion shows around Christmas. My local radio station in Portland, OR lists the Cure as an upcoming show, check it out, the address is go to concert calendar. What the station puts up in the rumour mill section is almost 99% accurate, unless a show is cancelled or something...I'd imagine the show is in Portland, maybe Seattle...or both.

  • And more mail from yesterday,this one's from Carol :
  • Here's something from SpinOnline.....

    Wanna Dance With Robert Smith? Pssst.... A word to those of you who are planning to catch either of the Cure's upcoming shows, on October 28th in Los Angeles or on Halloween in New York City: STICK AROUND AFTERWARD. Robert Smith and Company have been cajoled by their publicity company to do a little of the old meet & greet after the gigs, and it won't be one of those stuffy line-up-and-get-your-CD-signed affairs, either. Nope, DJs have been hired for both gigs, to spin their little hearts out for the masses after the Cure sets. There'll be dancing and miscellaneous mayhem to celebrate the release of the Cure's newest singles collection, Galore, which hits stores on October 28th. Smith and his bandmates will be circulating through the party to hang with their fans. Now, that's a meet and greet.

    Oct. 9th

  • Here's the new chart info for Wrong Number from the Oct. 18th issue of Billboard:
  • Modern Rock Tracks chart: debuts at #36 with a bullet

    Rock Big Picture chart: debuts at #30 with a bullet

  • Good news for vinyl fans: not only will there be a Wrong Number 12" , but Intergalactic Garage is listing a Galore 2-lp vinyl release on todays pre-order e-mail.

  • Oct. 8th

  • Here's some more info I received today from Claire :
  • "i have another piece of information on cure tickets for the LA show. i heard yesterday on KROQ that Robert is scheduled to go on the air around one week before the show and announce the ticket information. also the LA Times reported today that information regarding tickets will also not be available until one week prior to the show. well that's all i know for now, i'll keep in touch if i hear anything else."

    Oct. 7th

  • Claire sent this e-mail to me today (Thanks Claire!) :
  • "I have some information (that i got from this morning's LA Times calendar section) to pass along to you, the cure will be doing an in-store apperance at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset on Oct. 27 at midnight. They will be signing autographs and meeting with fans to promote the tuesday release of "GALORE". "

  • Pollstar is now officially listing the dates and venues for the 2 upcoming Cure shows.If you still don't believe, click here.

  • Here's a new article from JAMtv :
  • About two weeks ago, JAMTV announced that the Cure would be releasing a collection of all their hits titled Galore on Oct. 28. Now, the band best known for leading the '80s Goth movement with hits like "Just Like Heaven" and "Friday I'm In Love," will make two rare concert appearances.

    The Cure revealed the other day that they will play two intimate club gigs -- the first is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 28 at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles and the second will be a special Halloween show most likely at New York's Irving Plaza on Oct. 31. Although a spokesman for the band did confirm the Cure would play the two shows in New York and L.A., the location of the shows is still up in the air. For fans unable to make it to the concerts, the Album Network will broadcast the Halloween concert on various alternative radio stations around the country. The Cure will also make a stop on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Oct. 29.

    Although the Cure has no plans at this time to launch a full-scale stadium tour, their spokesman said they will most likely headline about 10 radio promo shows around Christmas. Stay tuned to JAMTV for details on those shows. (Ari Bendersky)

    Oct. 6th

  • Here's a new article from Reuters/Variety:
  • Sunday October 5 9:16 PM EDT

    The Cure Plan Small U.S. Club Dates

    LOS ANGELES, Oct 5 (Reuter) - The Cure, last seen playing in an arena near you, will play small clubs in Los Angeles and New York later this month to promote their new album, a spokesman said.

    The British veterans will perform in Los Angeles on Oct. 28 at the tentative location of the American Legion Hall in Hollywood. Three days later, they will play New York's Irvine Plaza for a Halloween gig that will be radio simulcast and cybercast nationally. Each venue holds about 1,100 people. Ticket details will be announced shortly.

    Fans who cannot get into these shows will have to settle for watching the band's Oct. 29 debut on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

    The performances are in aid of the Oct. 28 release of "Galore" (Elektra), an 18-track album compiling all the Cure singles released since 1987. The album also features one new track, "Wrong Number," which will be released to radio in mid-October.

    The Cure are also working on a new album, and will return to the United States in November to headline about 10 Christmas concerts organized by various radio stations.


  • MTV premiered the Wrong Number video last night on 120 Minutes.The Tim Pope directed clip is one of the more bizarre he's ever done.Certainly not his best,but better than his Wish videos and definitely an improvement over the Pope-less WMS videos.

  • They also showed the cover art for Galore.It features a baby wearing a diaper and hat,sitting on a red blanket on the beach,holding an ice cream cone.

  • Oct. 3rd

  • According to the MTV website,the video for Wrong Number will debut on 120 Minutes this Sunday (Oct. 5th). (Thanks to Eric for the info)

  • Also,according to the Oct. 11th issue of Billboard, MTV2 will be adding the Wrong Number video to it's rotation next week.

  • Got this in the mail from TwylyteSky :

    Also, Los Angeles Venue Announced

    The Cure is back. Not only will the British band's new singles album, Galore, be released Oct. 28 on Elektra, as well as a video collection of the same name, due Nov. 11, but the band will also have one of their few small club shows cybercast to fans all over the world via Rocktropolis.

    Rocktropolis ( will air a live cybercast of the band's Halloween show at Irving Plaza in New York -- their first club show in 10 years -- and the show will also be syndicated to rock radio stations via the Album Network.

    The other scheduled club date is at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles on Oct. 28, and the band will also make their first performance ever on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Oct. 29.

    As if that's not enough, Cure leader Robert Smith already has about six songs penned for the band's next album -- of new material -- due tentatively in the spring, with a full tour to follow in the summer. He's also weeding through about three CDs worth of material for a B-sides collection, which may be released as early as the first of the year.

  • Here's a new article from N.M.E. (I'm guessing it must be inaccurate):


    THE CURE are to release a singles retrospective covering the last decade of their career. Entitled 'Galore ­ The Singles 1987 - 1997', the compilation is released on November 10. It follows the new single, 'Wrong Number', which is in the shops on October 27.

    The 18-track disc is The Cure's second compilation album, following the multi-platinum 'Standing By The Sea' collection of the band's pre-1985 hits. The track listing on 'Galore...' is: 'Why Can't I Be You', 'Catch', 'Just Like Heaven', 'Hot Hot Hot!!!', 'Lullaby', 'Fascination Street', 'Lovesong', 'Pictures Of You', 'Never Enough', 'Close To Me', 'High', 'Friday I'm In Love', 'A Letter To Elise', 'The 13th', 'Mint Car', 'Strange Attraction', 'Gone' and 'Wrong Number'. Both 'Fascination Street' and 'Strange Attraction' are previously US-only releases.

    Meanwhile, The Cure have announced they will be playing two small club gigs in Los Angeles and New York. No details of any further appearances have been revealed as yet.

    Oct. 2nd

  • will be broadcasting a live video interview with the Cure on Oct. 28th at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.You can find more info on the broadcast (including a form to submit your questions) at the website.

  • Here's a new report from Addicted to Noise :
  • The Cure To Play U. S. Clubs

    Moody rockers to do intimate shows in Los Angeles and New York.

    Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports : England's The Cure will take a scaled-down version of their moody pop rock to U. S. clubs for the first time in more than 10 years later this month.

    The veteran alternative band, who long ago graduated to theaters and arenas, will make club appearances in Los Angeles (Oct. 28) and New York (Oct. 31) to promote Galore (Oct. 28), their upcoming singles collection.

    The 18-track album, a sequel to 1986's highly successful Standing on the Beach singles album, features every single released by the band since 1987, plus a new one, "Wrong Number," featuring Bowie guitarist Reeves Gabrels.

    "I guess one of the reasons we're doing club shows is because we haven't done any in 10 years," said The Cure's leader Robert Smith. "We wanted to just do some shows without getting a stage set together and fussing with stage designs and lighting people."

    Although the venue for the L.A. date has yet to be announced, the New York show will take place at the Irving Plaza. The sets will be "hits-oriented," with most of the songs drawn from Galore and several from Standing on the Beach, according to The Cure's spokesman, Michael Pagnotta.

    "It will be pretty surreal," Smith said. "I will have to see people looking at me and it will probably make me want to run off the stage screaming. I often find it difficult to reconcile one part of myself with what I do. When I look at it in the cold light of day, I often shiver at what I've done the night before on stage."

    The track listing for the singles album is: "Why Can't I Be You?," "Catch," "Just Like Heaven," "Hot, Hot, Hot!!!," "Lullaby," "Fascination Street," "Lovesong," "Pictures of You," "Never Enough," "Close to Me (Closest Mix)," "High," "Friday I'm In Love," "A Letter to Elise," "The 13th (Swing Radio Mix)," "Mint Car (Radio Mix)," "Strange Attraction," "Gone (Radio Mix)" and "Wrong Number."

    A video compilation, also entitled Galore (Nov. 11), will feature clips for all the songs except "Strange Attraction," for which a video was not made. Included will be the recently-shot "Wrong Number" clip, directed by long-time Cure collaborator Tim Pope.

    "It's completely demented," said Pagnotta. "It's very creepy, crawly with lots of lime green and tangerine. Lots of worms and snakes and some performance by the band in a freak show/carnival sort of environment."

    The Cure will be back in the U. S. at the end of the year to some multi-act Christmas radio shows, Smith said. [Thurs., Oct. 2, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]

    Oct. 1st

  • Here's a report from MTV :
  • Cure To Play First Club Dates In Ten Years

    October 1 [16:00 EDT] -- The Cure will mark the release of its singles compilation called "Galore" with its first club date in 10 years later this month.

    The Cure compilation arrives on October 28, and that night the band will play Los Angeles, followed by a Halloween gig in New York (most likely at Irving Plaza) that will be radio simulcast and cybercast. Sites and sale information have not been announced yet.

    To complement "Galore," which features 18 vintage songs from 1987 on (including "Why Can't I Be You," "Never Enough," "Just Like Heaven" and "Hot Hot Hot" and a new track called "Wrong Number"), the Cure will put out a "Galore" home video November 11.

    Several of the videos, including "Wrong Number," were directed by Tim Pope, who also lensed "Crow 2."

    "Wrong Number" features Reeves Gabrels, David Bowie's ex-Tin Machine guitarist who Cure singer Robert Smith met at Bowie's 50th birthday bash.

  • Some new info posted to Babble by Weezer :
  • "Some updated info on upcoming events...

    "The Cure Will play LA on the 28th and do the Tonight Show, then NY on the 31st (which will be cybercast), and also on the 31st before the show they will be doing a in-store gig, tickets will go on sale in about two weeks....

    The set list for the shows will mirror Galore's track listing with encore's coming from Staring at the Sea....."

  • And here's some info I got in the mail that may be of interest to fans in the San Francisco area:

  • WHAT: NEW WAVE CITY - Salute Night to the Cure Dancing to New Wave music of the late 70’s and early 80’s DJ’s Shindog and Skip

    WHEN: Saturday, October 4, 9pm-3am

    WHERE: King Street Garage, 174 King, San Francisco

    cover charge: $5 til 10pm, $8 after, 21 and over

    Information line: 415/675-LOVE

    Web site: (Enter to win free admission on our website!)

    SALUTE TO THE CURE - One of the most popular acts of the New Wave City crowd is the Cure, who get salute treatment at this event with extra doses of their music throughout the night, including a full half hour of classic Cure at midnight. As a special tease for giveaways for the next event (see below), we will have the "Swing Set" collection of singles, remixes nad non-album tracks from "Wild Mood Swings" to be awarded to a lucky New Waver. The influence of the Cure and its leader Robert Smith has been significant ever since their beginnings in the late seventies, in the textures of their music, their thoughtful, often gloomy lyrics, and the visual appeal of big, teased jet black hair. We’ll have it all at New Wave City for this night... what could be better?

    ------COMING SOON------

    WHAT: NEW WAVE CITY - Special Halloween Event

    Dancing to New Wave music of the late 70’s and early 80’s

    DJ’s Shindog and Skip

    WHEN: Friday, October 31, 9pm-3am

    WHERE: King Street Garage, 174 King, San Francisco

    The event will feature an 80's costume contest, salute to Duran Duran and giveaways for their new release Medazzaland, and giveaways for the new Cure collection "Galore." More details to be announced.