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Keyboard shortcuts

The shortcut keys described in this Help topic refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Keys on other layouts may not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard.

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The Office Assistant and Help window

Display and use the Office Assistant

Display and use the Help window

Use the Contents, Index, and Answer Wizard pane

Use the Help topic pane

Microsoft Office interface or Microsoft Office Basics

Display and use windows

Access and use smart tags

Access and use task panes

Access and use menus and toolbars

Resize and move toolbars, menus, and task panes

Use dialog boxes

Use edit boxes within dialog boxes

Use the Open, Save As, and Insert Picture dialog boxes

Quick reference

Common tasks done in a Microsoft Word document

Language bar

Speech and handwriting recognition


Sending e-mail messages

Working with documents and Web pages

Create, view, and save documents

Find, replace, and browse through text

Undo and redo actions

Switch to another view

Outline view

Printing and previewing documents

Reviewing documents

References, footnotes, and endnotes

Working with Web pages

Editing and moving text and graphics

Delete text and graphics

Copy and move text and graphics

Insert special characters

Select text and graphics

Select multiple areas that aren't next to each other

Extend a selection

Select text and graphics in a table

Move the insertion point

Move around in a table

Insert paragraphs and tab characters in a table

Character and paragraph formatting

Copy formatting

Change or resize the font

Apply character formats

View and copy text formats

Set line spacing

Align paragraphs

Apply paragraph styles

Drawing objects and other objects

Inserting and selecting drawing objects

Insert a text box by using the keyboard

Insert a WordArt drawing object by using the keyboard

Select a drawing object by using the keyboard

Editing drawing objects

Rotate a drawing object by using the keyboard

Change the position of a drawing object on a page by using the keyboard

Change the size of a drawing object by using the keyboard

Copy the attributes of a drawing object by using the keyboard

Mail merge and fields

Performing a mail merge

Working with fields

Key combinations

Function keys

SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+Function key

CTRL+SHIFT+Function key

ALT+Function key

ALT+SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+ALT+Function key