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What is ISDN, anyway?

ISDN cards and TA's are like modems, but 5 times faster. They require special telephone lines, which cost a little (or a lot, depending on your phone company) more than normal phone lines.

ISDN calls are usually (in USA) charged by the minute, even for local calls, but this varies from state to state. In California, it's free for home use during off-peak hours, and $0.01 or so per minute during business hours. If you're quite nearby to someone you connect to constantly, you can sometimes order Centrex service, and get free calling always.

Businesses seeking fulltime connection are often better served by 56Kb/sec Frame Relay instead of ISDN, as it's flat rate. Consult Steve Neil's excellent page of Frame Relay Resources for more info.

For more info, check out these online sources:

or these books: or even this video:

ISDN Magazines and Periodicals

ISDN Dialtone Providers

ISDN Videoconferencing

Using ISDN for studio quality audio transmission

Computer-Telephone-Interfacing; using ISDN to process audio phone calls via computer

To do CTI, you need hardware (either a computer with a built-in ISDN interface, or one or more plug-in cards) and software (commercial or custom). In between, you need to use an API (CAPI, WinISDN, TSAPI, MVIP, or proprietary) and possibly middleware (Visual ISDN, etc.). You might use Windows, or for big applications, UNIX or Windows NT. Check my software and hardware pages for those.

Search various online databases for ISDN

ISDN user groups

Other ISDN information sources

ISDN training and education

European ISDN information sources

ISDN non-RFC standards information

Internet RFCs and Drafts related to ISDN and/or PPP

Various online discussions about ISDN have moved to a separate file, here.

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