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Copyright (C) 1996 - 2000 NVIDIA Corp.
64.0MB RAM

Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG, An Energy Star Ally
Copyright (C) 1984-2000, Award Software Inc

WT70-EC V1.1 FSC 08/09/2001

Main Processor: Intel Pentium(R) 4 1.7GHz (100x17.0
Memory Test : 262144 OK

Primary Master : ST360020A
Primary Slave : None
Secondary Master : sf03 SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD612S
Secondary Slave : None

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BIOS (default Settings)

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(This information was recorded from a reference machine)

By Sub Menu:

Date n/a
Time n/a
Primary Master st360020a
Primary Slave None
Secondary Master SF02 SAMSUNG DVD-R
Secondary Slave R/RW 8x4x32
Drive A: 1.44M, 3.5 in.
Drive B: None
Halt on No Errors


Bios Flash protect: Disabled Enabled
Virus Warning: Disabled Enabled
External Cache: Enabled Disabled
Compatable FPU Opcode Enabled Disabled
Auto Thermal Control Enabled Disabled
Quick Power On Self Test: Disabled Enabled
First Boot Device CDROM LS120 / HDD-0 / SCSI / CDROM / HDD-1 / HDD-2 / HDD-3
Second Boot Device Floppy "
Third Boot Device HDD-0 "
Boot Other Device Enabled Disabled
Swap Floppy Drive: Disabled Enabled
Boot up NumLock Status: On Off
Typematic Rate Setting Disabled Enabled
Security Option: Setup System
OS Select For DRAM > 64MB: Non-OS2 OS/2
HDD Smart Capability Disabled Enabled
Full Screen Logo Show Enabled Disabled
Summary Screen Show Enabled Disabled


RDRAM Frequency Auto Host CLK / HCLK-33M / HCLK+33
DRAM Data Integrity Mode Non-EC  
System BIOS Cacheable Disabled Enabled
Video BIOS Cacheable Disabled Enabled
Video RAM Cacheable Disabled Enabled
Delayed Transaction Enabled Disabled
AGP Aperture Size (MB) 64 4M / 8M / 16M / 32M / 128M / 256M
AGP-4X Mode Enabled Disabled
Side Band Control Disabled Enabled
Delay Thermal Mode Time 8 Min -
Dma Channel7 Select LPC I/F DMA
Dma Channel6 Select LPC I/F DMA  
Dma Channel5 Select LPC I/F DMA  
Dma Channel4 Select LPC I/F DMA  
Dma Channel3 Select LPC I/F DMA  
Dma Channel2 Select LPC I/F DMA -
Dma Channel1 Select LPC I/F DMA -
Dma Channel0 Select LPC I/F DMA -

On-Chip Primary PCI IDE Enabled Disabled
On-Chip Secondary PCI IDE Enabled Disabled
IDE Primary Master PIO Auto Mode 0 / Mode 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3 / Mode 4
IDE Primary Slave PIO   Mode 0 / Mode 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3 / Mode 4
IDE Secondary Master PIO Auto "
IDE Secondary Slave PIO Auto "
IDE Primary Master UDMA Auto Disable
IDE Primary Slave UDMA Auto Disable
IDE Secondary Master UDMA Auto Disable
IDE Secondary Slave UDMA Auto Disable
USB Controller Auto Disable
USB Keyboard Support Disabled Enabled
Init Display First Enabled Disabled
AC97 Audio Auto
AC97 Modem Auto
IDE HDD Block Mode Enabled Disabled
Keyboard/ Mouse Power on Disabled password, Hot Key, Mouse Left button, mouse Right Button, Any key, Disabled, Keyboard 98
Keyboard Power on Password Auto
Keyboard Power on Hotkey Auto
Onboard FDC Controller Enabled Disabled
Onboard Serial Port 1 Auto Disabled / 3F8/IRQ4 / 2F8/IRQ3 / 3E8/IRQ4 / 2E8/IRQ3
Onboard Serial Port 2 Disabled "
X UART 2 Mode Select Normal HPSIR / ASKIR
X RXD, TXD Active Hi,Lo
X IR Transmission Delay inverting enable Enabled
Onboard Parallel Port 378/IRQ7 Disabled / 3BC/IRQ7 / 378/IRQ7 /278/IRQ5
Onboard Parallel Port Mode EPP Normal / ECP / ECP/EPP
x ECP Mode Use DMA 3 1
Parallel Port EPP Type EPP 1.7 EPP 1.9
Power Lost Resume State Last State Resume
Game Port address 201 Disabled
Midi Port address 290
Midi Port IRQ 10


ACPI Function Enabled Disabled
ACPI Suspend Type S1(POS) S3 (STR)
Power Management User Define Min Saving / Max Saving
Video Off Method DPMS Always On / All Modes -> Off
Video Off in Suspend yes  
Suspend Mode Disabled Enabled
HDD Power Down Disable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15min
Soft-Off by PWRBTN Instant -Off Delay 4 Sec
Resume on PCI Event Disabled Enabled
Resume on Ring Disabled Enabled
Resume on Lan Disabled Enabled
USB Keyboard/Mouse wakeup From S3 Enabled Disabled
Resume by Alarm Disabled Enabled
X Date (of month) 0  
x Resume Time (hh:mm:ss) 0  0 0  


Resources Controlled by Auto (escd) Manual
x IRQ Resources Press Enter  
PCI/VGA Palette Snoop Disabled Enabled
PCI IRQ Assignment Auto (ESCD)  
slot 1,5 auto  
Onboard AC97/ slot 2 auto  
slot 3 auto  
Onboard USB/ slot 4 auto  


System Fan Speed 0 RPM
Cpu Fan Speed 4800 (approx as altering all time)
Vcore 1.71 V
2.5V 2.50 V
3.3 V 3.35 V
5 V 5.15 V
12 V 12.00V


CPU/PCI clock/Spectrum Default

Load Optimized Defaults

Set Supervisor Password

Set User Password

Save and Exit Setup

Exit Without Saving