How to flash BIOS
1. Download the appropriate BIOS update from the Download section according to the motherboard  model and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) version.  
2. Extract the BIOS binary file and the flash utility program from the zipped file using applications as WinZip.
3. There should be THREE files being extracted from the zipped file. They are: *.EXE , *.BIN and *.TXT file.
Copy the *.BIN and *.EXE file on to a floppy disk and reboot your system from the floppy drive.

Type in the following command under DOS prompt     (NOT under windows!):
    A:\>[executable] [filename].bin /Sn /Py
    A:\>[executable] /?
    for detailed instructions.

6. Reset your computer AFTER the completion of BIOS flash process.
7. To check whether your BIOS has been updated successfully please refer to the BIOS date code shown on the bottom left hand corner of the boot up screen.
8. Please LOAD OPTIMAL SETTINGS or LOAD BIOS    SETUP DEFAULT in the BIOS setup menu during   the first system boot up after the flashing the BIOS.
  WARNING: Please be very cautious during the BIOS flash process, your system may fail to boot if the BIOS was not programmed correctly.