Part Number from Dodge: 82207367

Your dealer will probably have them in stock; $89 It comes with the hardware. You'll need a 5/16" socket to get the "old half of a liner" screws off, and a Torx T-25 star socket with a ratchet to install the screws on outer lip of the wheel well (4 screws-kinda tight fit due to tire tread-very short T-25 screwdriver would work), and a T-25 long screwdriver or T-25 socket with long extension to get to the ones on the inside of the wheel well (3 screws-it's a long reach to the inside of the tire over top the tire, ratchet alone might work, but you'd be hugging the tire). Each liner is held in place by 7 screws (the 4+3 above), all star Torx head T-25. The wheel liners get shoved in there, and have to be bent ever so slightly to make the turn around the wheel (wheel stays ON). If you wanted to follow the directions EXACTLY, you'd also need a torque wrench that can read 25 inch/pounds. I have one, but didn't use it, just snugged them up.