Mod for the throttle lag
From Ron75287

From DTW Forum

Well.....the throttle lag on the Hemi was driving me nuts, so I accessed the potentiometers under the battery box. Come to find out, all it needed was a well placed tie-wrap around the throttle stop. A medium size tie-wrap will do.......about .040 of an inch thick....just enough to take the slack out of the throttle.
My `03 Hemi qc drives like a whole different truck! Touch the gas and it jumps!
I did this mod about 3 weeks ago.......(1500 miles ago) and no codes.
Huge difference, I highly recommend it!

Raise the hood. Under the battery that's mounted on the left inner fender is a small black plastic box. This box has a cover that is hinged at the bottom. Open the box by swinging the cover downward. Inside the box you will see the throttle cable. It runs from the cable housing to the ball stud on the rheostat. With your fingers take the cable and slide it back and forth. You will notice that there is about 1/8 of an inch of slack. This is what you want to remove.

To do this you remove the cable from the rheostat by pulling down and twisting a little bit on the ball socket end of the cable. Once you have the cable off turn the end piece so you can see the cable in the end piece. Move the cable in and out, you will see a gap between the ball end and the ball socket housing. This is where the tie-strap goes.

Take a small tie-strap and bend a hook in the end of it. This helps to get the ty-strap fed around just the cable (not the ball end) Once you get the tie-strap fed around the cable pull it tight and cut off the excess tie.

Push the cable end back on to the rheostat using your fingers and you're done!

Here is a thread on the discussion if the mod does any performance increase’s