In 2002, the Attorney General successfully defended a new state law protecting access to healthcare facilities against a federal court challenge in Sanctity of Human Life Network, et al. v. Lockyer, et al. Modeled after existing federal law, the California Freedom of Access to Clinic and Church Entrances Act and the Reproductive Rights Law Enforcement Act requires the Attorney General to collect specified information that includes access violations and sets forth criminal penalties for intentionally injuring or intimidating any reproductive health services client, provider or assistant, by force, threat of force or physical obstruction that is a crime of violence. Opponents challenged the law enacted by SB 780 as unconstitutionally vague and violating their freedom of speech, privacy rights and due process. At the request of the Attorney General, the federal court dismissed the challenge. On a related issue, the Attorney General joined in an amicus brief authored by New York Attorney General in Hill v. State of Colorado to defend the ability of individuals to have access to healthcare facilities.